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    List of changes to the wiki

    This is the little place where TheCrappyCompletionist records the changes to the wiki :)

    Info addition

    November 29

    - Added more information to FAQ regarding how to earn credits.

    Minor Gamemode Update

    August 30

    - Fixed a spelling error in the Gamemodes page.

    - Added Bhop to the Gamemodes page.

    JB rules update

    March 30

    - clarified the "no chaining days" rule - Wardens may not chain days. LRs may chain days up to 3 times in a row before the LR has to be declined.

    Donator rules

    March 27

    - Added a new page for the donor-specific Rules.

    List of RTDs entry

    March 16

    - added a new wiki entry logging all BLW RTDs.

    - added a few little birdies and easter eggs

    VSH info thread

    March 15

    - added a new compiled list of bosses and class changes for the VSH gamemode.

    - added vanilla to list of BLW-hosted gamemodes.

    JB LRs integration

    Sep 27

    - Integrated and expanded on 10000 Cold Knights' thread with a list and explanation of JB's LRs.
    - Added a table summarizing what LRs are deathmatches, have friendly fire, are freedays and which ones give LRs

    Minor additions and changes

    Sep 25

    - relocated the FAQ section to separate it from the socials links
    - added more clickable parts in the socials links and emphasized the clickability of the titles
    - mentioned the storebot will only accept mannco crate keys in the troubleshooting section
    - added the guest report/appeal forms and mentioned the downsides of using them.
    - linked the JB rules and term definitions pages together with a link on the top
    - linked the DR rules and term definitions pages together with a link on the top
    - jeopardy and mass trivia definitions have been moved from Jailbreak rules to jailbreak definitions
    - fixed a typo in the AFK taunts definition.

    Initial rewrite

    Sep 17 - Sep 24

    The initial rewrite of the wiki from it's sad, empty state to a new formatting with additional information.

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