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  1. R

    Resolved Issue with revive points on vsh_skyhigh_resort_blw

    I've been playing on this server for a long time every now and again, and during all of my recent sessions I have been having many issues with revive points not spawning. I recognize the usual things, like dying off the map, revive points despawning, ect, but they are just straight up not...
  2. Demomain

    Should i sell my strange corpse carrier?

    I unboxed 25 halloween crates and got one strange corpse carrier.Now should i sell or keep it? (will the price go up or down?)
  3. Miss Netty

    Pending Remove or fix !solo on dodgeball

    I see that bene has added a new plugin to Dodgeball. !solo. !solo is as it says you play solo. but it's not 100% solo. you get slayed at the start of the round to spectate. and after your team has died it's you vs the rest of the live player on the other team. It's basically shitty few good men...
  4. Demomain


    Idk if buy sticky launcher or grenade launcher ( both australium) tell me which one. Also do you know if there is any site that let you sell ur hats etc for money??
  5. JackoMimix

    Cases Please!

    I'm trying to stock up on cases because, well, cases can be sold for money! I have some cases sold and I am trying to sell a lot of cases to finally get something that I actually like. Trade me cases here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=402231257&token=f4ID5mCQ
  6. JackoMimix

    Always keep your cases!

    Why though? Cases will once in a while get bought as people will create unboxing videos, and don't you care about your case that is like 0.1 cents higher price than the actual 1 cent price! It will increase the sales and you get cases for free AND randomly, so always put a case on sale...
  7. Dust Biter

    Add vsh_honeyhivegalaxy

    My friend and I really want to see how it plays https://gamebanana.com/maps/216187 You can see more screenshots of the map in the previous version also on gamebanana
  8. S

    Dodgeball map suggestions.

    Add: tfdb_partyisland_v1 I had a quick look for rocket-holes on this map, there seems to be none and it is an aesthetically pleasing map. However something controversial might be the random events that happen on the map every so often. These events may be objectively bad for the gamemode...
  9. S

    Answered Can I submit maps for a server? And if yes then where?

    I'm really into Dodgeball as well as making maps. So suppose I make some maps and would like to submit then to be reviewed/added to Dodgeball. How would I do that? I'm aware of the specific entities that are required and believe that it will not be a problem, as I just copied them from a map...
  10. D

    Resolved cant be saxton in vsh tf2

    i cant be saxton in vsh because i set my que points to 0 evry round and i forgot the command and i cant ever be saxton please help
  11. Green Sky

    Declined add more sound in the sound list.

    i like the next sounds: when a halloween boss have 60 seconds to scape When a halloween boss have 10 econds to scape when the halloween boss has scaped when soldier says Painis the heavy saying pootis when Redmond mann says "Damn you bluetarch" spys long laugh demoman long laugh Monoculus angry
  12. Puggy


    Look we are all at home and for us nothing has really changed. I think we need to have a comp. I really dont care what it could be about if its doge ball, heavy boxing, who can win a spy crab, or who can make the most reports.(reports help people so you should never make jokes about them since...
  13. 9934200

    Resolved {Jailbreak} Crazy Guy impersonating members on red team by stealing their username and saying racial slurs

    I don't have a picture of the man with my username (Brian Griffin) but he is Kamen Rider.He stole my username and said racial slurs. He then switched back to Kamen Rider and started to point fingers at me to get me muted/banned. I'm aware this screenshot doesn't show anything other than him...
  14. PicklePicklePickle

    Declined Defining the rules more clearly

    So my suggestion is to just make the rules more clear and a bit more concrete. Something like this: Do not be offensive to other users This includes but may not be limited to: Using racial or homophobic slurs in any context. Using abusive language (e.g. Go Kill Yourself). Continuously...
  15. Nova.

    Declined Reduce the price of custom title to 850k

    I don't really complain about anything in the store, never have. Except for the custom title. One M I L L I O N credits seems a bit much. I know that it's MEANT to be expensive because you can have it be almost anything. But I stand before ye, making this suggestion: Reduce the price to 850,000...
  16. Taunt

    Declined Update Dodgeball Rules

    Hello fellow gamers, Here we are, all stuck in a cycle of playing TF2 over and over again, despite the fact that TF2's competitive scene will never amount to the likes of CS:GO or League of Legends and that all the blood, sweat, g-fuel, and finger grime we put into this game will never amount...
  17. J R

    Hello players i did my first SFM Poster

    I did a new poster based in VSH with same map changing a bit the enviroment. Take a look ;) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2005617224
  18. Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

    Map Testing: warehouse2_test.bsp

    Need some feedback on a design and detail level for a map I'm working on at the moment... This is not intended to be a specific gamemode or gameplay type map. So please don't give feedback like "I can't get out of the building", you're not meant to be able to lol. Take a look around, rocket...
  19. J R

    Resolved Vs Saxton Hale | Sky-high Resort 24/7 type disabled

    Was typing disabled in this game mode?. If not , people cant type just work soundlist and vote
  20. J R

    Suggestion: Remove permanent sniperbow stun

    In my opinion the sniperbow stun should be outstretched, Snipers usually go afk for do that thinks , I will send a record, a friend helps me to show that problem he dont take advantage of.
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