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team fortess 2

  1. Demomain


    Idk if buy sticky launcher or grenade launcher ( both australium) tell me which one. Also do you know if there is any site that let you sell ur hats etc for money??
  2. triplo

    Resolved [TF2] 150 Ping on all Blackwonder BR servers, but everything else (other servers, other games) have normal ping.

    I went into CMD and used the "tracert" command and this seems to be the IP that is causing issues: Things have been like this for months, I tried formatting my computer, resetting my modem, contacting my internet provider, changing TF2 settings, etc. Please give me some help I...
  3. Drunk Captain (~blw.tf~)


    I'm just so frustrated about the fact that every time i check storebot there's literally NO METAL. Please. Blackwonder. Fix this. I've been waiting for like 3 days.
  4. Drunk Captain (~blw.tf~)


    So basically i have a little problem with storebot. For 2 days when i check the bot's inventory while trading there is absolutely NO METAL. Only weapons, cases and keys. Please can this be fixed or something?
  5. 9934200

    Resolved {Jailbreak} Crazy Guy impersonating members on red team by stealing their username and saying racial slurs

    I don't have a picture of the man with my username (Brian Griffin) but he is Kamen Rider.He stole my username and said racial slurs. He then switched back to Kamen Rider and started to point fingers at me to get me muted/banned. I'm aware this screenshot doesn't show anything other than him...
  6. Bradymerzbach

    Completed Panzer Tank Rockets - Soldier Tank taunt

    https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2621023 A simple plugin that fires off a rocket at the cannon direction of the tank during the shoot animation for the Panzer Pants soldier taunt. I feel like this should be added to the Team Fortress 2 servers c: it would be super fun and awesome...
  7. Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

    Map Testing: warehouse2_test.bsp

    Need some feedback on a design and detail level for a map I'm working on at the moment... This is not intended to be a specific gamemode or gameplay type map. So please don't give feedback like "I can't get out of the building", you're not meant to be able to lol. Take a look around, rocket...
  8. Glesas

    Resolved A spawn effect in TF2 (star up blue)

    For first im see this spawn effect Star up blue at player Furdroid and im buy it too but i can see this effect on him but on myself arent btw i buy + equip + reconnect + server change map so all im try but im dont see it even with thirdperson but im see it on him and im have a some mods to...
  9. Blinky

    Accepted keep getting banned everytime i try to join a map after the last ban.

    it's been longer than 4 months that i keep getting banned for '' Duplicate account '' I literally really enjoy/liketo play on UberUpgrade mode but i just keep getting banned. that is why i tried to play from the other account cause it's really great. but didn't knew this would happen.
  10. <[R.O.G]>S[E]DUCE_ME!

    Hello Everyone Im New Here

    Hello Im Deathy Or Seduce Me (xD) So I Want Just You know Some Other cool things This BlackWonder Servers Are Awsome So Just Let You Know. Im TF2 player so if you like tf2 too we can play sometime so here it ends XD
  11. SplashyKnave1

    When you can't find a good mvm game.

    Has anyone been able to find a good MvM game the only ones I find are either owned by f2p or have idiots that say Sydney sleeper is a god weapon.
  12. Turtle Gaming

    BlackWonder jailbreak "problems"

    Hello I would like to bring to attention problems with BlackWonders LA jailbreak. First off donors get a very bad rep on this server and many BlackWonder servers because of "donor power abuse" now spamming the votes is edging donor abuse but changing your hand/head size twice plus changing your...
  13. [xG] xCabrio

    Declined xCabrio Gag And Mute

    What was your type of punishment: Communication Ban What is your SteamID? [U:1:322741767] Who has punished you? Hobo Jim Why were you punished? Racism Why should we revoke your punishment? It accidentally slipped, I was extremely Pissed.
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