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  1. C

    Resolved Random items glitch on Tf2

    I and my friends were playing Jb and found out that random items were appearing in our backpacks and that we could refund them to get infinite coins.
  2. Weeazist

    Two server breaking exploits in deathrun server

    Before explaining these exploits would like to apologize for; Players that didn't want to take a part in it but suffered it for few map rounds. Staff members that might have gotten the bug notification/s but only to find out there wasn't any case. I've seen players calling admins, mods ect. And...
  3. katiee31

    weird cosmetic glitch on classwars

    so after 1 or 2 games of playing classwars my cosmetics seem to glitch, im still wearing them but after a new game starts it only shows half the cosmetic, or it is off my character. i havent had this problem until recently and i tried everything from verifying game files to clearing my download...
  4. Duck Lurch

    Completed dr_airbase_v3 fix the door at the beginning

    At the map dr_airbase_v3, there is a door at the beginning that's glitchable. When you taunt in front of the door after it opened it closes and stays closed as long as you stay in front of the door. The same happens when you walk in front of the door at the perfect moment. I'd suggest to if...
  5. rusopin

    Resolved Issues in Blackwonder BR Deathrun

    Yesterday and today had happened strange things. First of all, dr_playstation_final. The map starts at 70% percent, some doors dissapeared. We beat zurg (which sometimes left the map while fighting him, but we managed to defeat him somehow). After that, starts Jhonny minigame. In the labyrinth...
  6. wringly

    Resolved Dead of night

    Hi, I recently traded a dead of night on tf2, I also traded a paint bucket, A Deep Commitment to Purple. So I combined the two and went on a Blackwonder server. I noticed that when I spawned in, my dead of night would not show up. I also saw that people with the default dead of night without...
  7. Sprocket

    JB Glitch

    There is a glitch in jailbreak where reds can get ammo in the first ten seconds. To do it you must make sure your mic has not being verified. 1. You join the spec team 2. When the round has started wait about 5 seconds and join the blue team 3. Since your mic isn't verified you will join red...
  8. sidencent

    Resolved Problem, glitching

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Shows proof of me glitching everytime I join a BlackWonder server specifically.
  9. Not Melectrome

    cool tf2 glitch!

    Type tf_party_chat "" in console, your game will lag a bit and you'll get temporary invincibility 866666886666686886866666888888868888866666686888888 Press CTRL+F and type in 6 868886886888886868888688888888868888868888686888888 youtu.be/ dQw4w9WgXcQ...
  10. Fez

    Pending map ba_hopjb_v8 minigame glitch

    On the map ba_hopjb_v8 they have the minigame "strafe race". The minigame is meant to be where the reds go in a figure-of-eight pattern before the door opens and they have to race to the finishing line with build up speed. However, if a scout were to use the Boston-Basher's knockback ability...
  11. HandsomeMadMario| blw.tf

    Resolved i got scammed by the storebot

    so, what i did was this, i decided to cash in my credits for one singular ref, then everything seemed fine, but then after about 5 minutes i checked my credits, it had taken my credits, but not given me my refined metal. if an admin is reading this, could you please get it to give me my refined...
  12. Wrαty

    Resolved Donator chat color glitch!

    There is a really frustrating glitch that has started to occur recently. I have no idea if I'm the only one experiencing it, but every time I join a new Blackwonder server, my chat colors are gone. I wait a while to see if they come back but they usually never do! Sometimes they come back but...
  13. buud

    GLITCH - FDs getting stuck in the ceiling on the map jail_minecraft_dynf_v10d

    just watch the demo edit: either lower the height at which FDs drop from or: make the ceilings of these maps higher if possible but thats complicated or: change FD spawning position
  14. Philip

    Declined Ammo Glitch JB

    The reserve shooter is not stripped of ammo in JB for the Red Prisoners. It works on soldier, but not sure about Pyro. Fix asap. That's 'bout it.
  15. buud

    Resolved A glitch that needs immediate attention.

    So there is this bug that makes melee hits not reg due to your melee attack getting doubled for some reason (in the audio) hitreg shots go way off the crosshair, smg spread doesn't do damage... etc. I'll include a demo of me demonstrating it (this appears only on blackwonder) EDIT: It appears...
  16. Toco

    An annoying demo glitch

    I've been having this annoying glitch while trying to watch my demos. Whenever I'm on fire, jarated, milked, bleeding etc. there's this glitch that makes my screen looks like minecraft lava that I can kinda see through, if anyone knows how to fix this/has more questions about it, go ahead and...
  17. AgentApple50

    Resolved [Jailbreak] The Bhop Problem

    Hello, so I've recently started playing your jailbreak servers because of the unique activites and rules it has to offer, and my overall connection to the server is great. However, as my play time rises, I have encountered a problem with the bhop plugin. Whenever I jump after moving forward for...
  18. Grandpa Solider

    Resolved Out of the map glitch in VSH_Jurassic_v2

    I don't know if this is intentional or not due to the convenient placement of the planks. So in the map VSH_Jurassic_v2, if you roll Tiny Man, you can go under the map through this specific spot shown in this screenshot which is under the Control Point...
  19. The Kfc Bird

    Invalid im chat muted but im not?????

    hey ive found a nother prob on the servers how bout i put it in a story once apon a time a guy named the kfc bird join a blackwonder server one time and notied he couldnt speak in chat( i did nothing i was offline for like a week or so) he asked a admin to see if he could fix it but he said i...
  20. Nja09

    Resolved Server Contract Glitch

    So I was playing some x10 and I noticed that my contract (10,000 points of damage) went into the negative value. This is caused by using the overdose on enemies which cause them to heal from your attacks. Just wondering if there is a way to fix this. Regards, Nja09
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