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  1. Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

    Deathrun Easter Eggs & Secrets

    Saw the post about Jailbreak Secrets, thought to add one for Deathrun as well. Any secrets here are for their respected maps, in the version listed. If a map gets swapped out for an updated version, chances are the secrets may no longer work, have been moved, or deleted in the new version. I...
  2. Yelowchy

    Answered Server offline

    Soo lately blw’s server: Deathrun #1 has been down. Any way of knowing when it’s going to be up again? http://www.steambrowser.com/server/tf2/
  3. Yelowchy

    Completed Deathrun map suggestion.

    1. dr_adventure_v3 2. It's a well balanced map, with lots of pop-culture references. The map was created by GentleSpy, the same creator as the wildly popular dr_block_v9, this in itself can guarantee the maps quality. During my time on the deathrun#1 server. I've also noted people missing this...
  4. Yelowchy

    Declined Two deathrun annoyances, and solutions.

    Hi. As an avid blw Deathrun fan, i decided to create this thread, too expose some of the small annoyances you encounter in blw's Deathrun. 1# Activator's roll the dice. As some of you probably know, Roll the dice is currently enabled in Blw's Deathrun servers. While both blu and red can...
  5. Yelowchy

    Declined Deathrun map suggestion :3

    1. What's the map's name? = Dr_smexytraps 2. What's so good about that map that you want us to add it? = Its a short, but very hard map. That has several hard jumps, with moving platforms that complicates the map in a way where it doesn't matter if you'r a bhop master or not. 3. Give us a few...
  6. J

    Completed DR - Remove phrase cooldown

    I would like to have (or hear if you prefer) the class phrases with no cooldown (or lowered cooldown), just to make phrase funny like: "The medic is a heavy the heavy is the demoman the demoman is the enginner need dispenser here" or something like that. Yeah... thats it... im not sure if this...
  7. DasMalzbier| Lazy Panda

    Declined dr_cocainum

    Hey everyone, this is more of a discussion that a suggestion, but oh well. So the issue is: There are player, like me and @Botar230 who really dislike dr_cocainum. The reason for this is the huge amount of chance traps the cause delay. More than often, you see players doodling 4 minutes...
  8. Kapootis Diabolis

    Whats your favorite bhop/deathrun map?

    I like the Bananas bhop and r60d deathrun. What about you?
  9. 2010wolf | Blw.tf

    ToDo Deathrun idea - RPS - Controlling other players!

    So basically, you have the RPS taunt, you use it... AND YOU WON!!! TIME TO MAKE THE LOSER SUFFER!!! ----- IF you win against someone in an RPS taunt, you can control him! meanwhile your character will be frozen for 11 seconds. You have around 10 seconds of control time, once time's up, you will...
  10. Rekwaßᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴺᴬᴸ

    Closed My bhop is bugging on deathrun

    Hello, As first thing sorry about my english :) I'm not very good Recently my bhop on deathrun is bugging because when I'm starting it with high and then I'm bhoping I don't stay wih the same high. I'm playing on blackwonder server I think during 1 years but I never get any bug like this ;_...
  11. Â Ðank Høod Thùg | blw.tf

    Declined Remove Necro Mash/Spawn Sentry (RTD effect) from Deathrun servers.

    Hello Blackwonder staff members! As a regular in most of Blackwonder Deathrun servers(The European ones at least) I suggest that Necro Mash gets removed from all Deathrun servers due to it being a useless and annoying RTD effect, Necro Mash is guaranteed to get someone killed by either being...
  12. DeadGaming666

    Live Update Thread for Blackwonder Map

    Overview This is the live update thread for those that wish to keep up to date with my progress. This thread is most likely going to span over a month (and possibly more). I am open to conversation if you wish to have one during map production as it easy to type and make maps (I'm guessing at...
  13. mrphil2105

    Invalid Crazy's Admin Application

    EDIT: I didn't know there was a form. On Operation-Panda.net there was not a form for Admin Application. WOOPS!