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  1. Samtheunoofer

    Completed Add dr_neohorrors

    Add dr_neohorrors to deathrun Game banana link - https://gamebanana.com/maps/214803
  2. S

    Completed Update dr_lasagna

    dr lasagna got an update recently but for some reason the old version v2 has just been removed please re add it and update to v3 please
  3. rusopin

    Resolved Fix map dr_horrors

    Near the bridge trap, there's a path which, by bhopping, let players go into BLU's side. Also, the map hasn't been updated for 8 years. Here I have some proofs.
  4. rusopin

    Completed Bring back music in dr_nighttown_blw

    Why did map editors from Blackwonder had to remove music? Will it be back someday? In my opinion, music is what makes most of the maps alive and fun. The deathrun map before dr_nighttown_blw was released, had cool music. We can deal with anti-bhopping parts in this BLW version, but without...
  5. Weeazist

    Two server breaking exploits in deathrun server

    Before explaining these exploits would like to apologize for; Players that didn't want to take a part in it but suffered it for few map rounds. Staff members that might have gotten the bug notification/s but only to find out there wasn't any case. I've seen players calling admins, mods ect. And...
  6. TehSoldierPig

    Remove "Smite" RTD effect in Deathrun.

    This effect is so annoying in the deathrun map, why? Here are many reasons why the "Smite" effect sucks: Activator dies mid-round (or near the finish) using RTD and annoys the RED team. It is very annoying for the two teams when the last living RED person uses RTD to finish the map and...
  7. Duck Lurch

    Completed dr_airbase_v3 fix the door at the beginning

    At the map dr_airbase_v3, there is a door at the beginning that's glitchable. When you taunt in front of the door after it opened it closes and stays closed as long as you stay in front of the door. The same happens when you walk in front of the door at the perfect moment. I'd suggest to if...
  8. rusopin

    Resolved Issues in Blackwonder BR Deathrun

    Yesterday and today had happened strange things. First of all, dr_playstation_final. The map starts at 70% percent, some doors dissapeared. We beat zurg (which sometimes left the map while fighting him, but we managed to defeat him somehow). After that, starts Jhonny minigame. In the labyrinth...
  9. Divetir

    Completed add some new maps in Dr

    here some of my suggestions of map i found cool https://gamebanana.com/maps/188438 https://gamebanana.com/maps/205994 https://gamebanana.com/maps/211628 https://gamebanana.com/maps/205427 https://gamebanana.com/maps/183511 https://gamebanana.com/maps/211271 https://gamebanana.com/maps/205542...
  10. ꁑ ꁒ ꁓ ꁔ ꁕ ꁖ(K)

    !Drtoggle doesn't save

    So whenever i play on a deathrun map i usually want to stay as the runner, so when a map comes around that i like i can play it to the fullest but sometimes (like 20%) it doesn't save, for the most it saves (Or else it's just because i don't earn enough points to become death fast enough). So it...
  11. DeliriouS

    RPS bug in Deathrun.

    I'll just jump straight into it. You RPS another RED teammate before the next round where you become BLU (Death), you win. Next round, you control (but not really -- you are pretty much stuck to the RED player moving freely until the timer for "controlling" the player stops). As always, if that...
  12. Coronarena

    Completed Add dr_stardust_v1

    Greetings. Over the past year and a half I've been working on a deathrun map, and I think it would be a nice addition to blackwonder deathrun servers. All of the info about the map is on the gamebanana page for it (link below). If there are any questions about the map, I'll try and answer them...
  13. Gibus

    Broken maps? Check here!

    NOTE: due to my lack of time, I cannot maintain this thread anymore. Many of the newer maps aren't in this list. Herro everyone, me Gibus and I'm back with another guide. This is a troubleshooting thread for you people who have trouble connecting to servers with certain maps active. All you...
  14. Glesas

    Resolved A spawn effect in TF2 (star up blue)

    For first im see this spawn effect Star up blue at player Furdroid and im buy it too but i can see this effect on him but on myself arent btw i buy + equip + reconnect + server change map so all im try but im dont see it even with thirdperson but im see it on him and im have a some mods to...
  15. Hazbean

    Completed Increasing delay between maps

    [Deathrun specific, in this case] Everyone knows how you have to wait ~5 maps before you can nominate the previously played one again, and because of it the same maps are being played almost constantly, with little exceptions. So my suggestion is, increase the number of maps played before you...
  16. Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

    Deathrun Easter Eggs & Secrets

    Saw the post about Jailbreak Secrets, thought to add one for Deathrun as well. Any secrets here are for their respected maps, in the version listed. If a map gets swapped out for an updated version, chances are the secrets may no longer work, have been moved, or deleted in the new version. I...
  17. Yelowchy

    Answered Server offline

    Soo lately blw’s server: Deathrun #1 has been down. Any way of knowing when it’s going to be up again? http://www.steambrowser.com/server/tf2/
  18. Yelowchy

    Completed Deathrun map suggestion.

    1. dr_adventure_v3 2. It's a well balanced map, with lots of pop-culture references. The map was created by GentleSpy, the same creator as the wildly popular dr_block_v9, this in itself can guarantee the maps quality. During my time on the deathrun#1 server. I've also noted people missing this...
  19. Yelowchy

    Declined Two deathrun annoyances, and solutions.

    Hi. As an avid blw Deathrun fan, i decided to create this thread, too expose some of the small annoyances you encounter in blw's Deathrun. 1# Activator's roll the dice. As some of you probably know, Roll the dice is currently enabled in Blw's Deathrun servers. While both blu and red can...
  20. Yelowchy

    Declined Deathrun map suggestion :3

    1. What's the map's name? = Dr_smexytraps 2. What's so good about that map that you want us to add it? = Its a short, but very hard map. That has several hard jumps, with moving platforms that complicates the map in a way where it doesn't matter if you'r a bhop master or not. 3. Give us a few...
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