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Minecraft Server Plugins

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  • Minecraft server plugins

    list of server plugins for the BLW Minecraft

    Here is a list of the plugins that the BLW minecraft server uses. This wiki article will be updated along with the Minecraft thread after maintenance. The Minecraft server is maintained by Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf.


    (Version 1.0) by Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf.

    GoldAndSilver is a multi-use plugin, designed specifically for exclusive use by Blackwonder, mainly because I'm tired of having to wait for other Spigot Developers to update their plugins to the latest versions.
    In terms of functionality, GoldAndSilver does pretty much everything we need it to, including but not limited to:
    - A Custom Economy system, controlled around collecting currency from killing Mobs, or stealing currency from killing Players.
    - A Factions system, for all your Group Banding and Land Claiming Needs.
    - A Server Store to sell all your safe kept treasures and to spend all your hard earned riches.
    - Standard Housekeeping, like teleporting between friends, spawn, setting a home location. All those fun things.
    - A fun twist with some of my personal attempts at custom content, such as:
          - Custom Enchantments to spice up gameplay. Try mining with Tunel Boring or Vein Excavator.
          - With Matching Custom Curses to add a little risk to all that reward. Hold on tight if your Pickaxe has Curse of Fumbling, less you go and drop it into lava.
                (!! Custom Enchantments/Curses will be a part of the Store, in place of the old "Monthly Deals". They will not be available from the Enchantment Table !!)
          - Custom Boss Mobs that have a rare chance to take the place of the garden variety. With alot more health and a lot more damage, but much bigger rewards.

    A benefit of having an inhouse built plugin, means that if anything needs to be altered, or if suggestions for improvements/changes are given, I can quickly modify the plugin and have it updated almost instantly. So Please Do feel free to send requests and suggestions for plugin improvements.

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