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General Information

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    Welcome to the Blackwonder.tf wiki!

    Welcome to the BLW.tf wiki! Here you can find the Rules, information on Game Modes and other useful information. The wiki is currently managed by TheCrappyCompletionist, so if you have any suggestions, drop him a message!

    Sections of the wiki

    General information

    Here you can find some general information about BLW, the FAQ section, a basic troubleshooting section and some other useful resources and guides.

    Game Modes

    Here you can find a list of game modes that BLW hosts, along with explanations on how they work, and some term definitioins for more in-depth game modes such as Jailbreak.


    Rules are the backbone of any community, so be sure to visit this section and read up on the gamemode you want to play, to avoid any misunderstandings or punishments!

    General information

    About Blackwonder.tf

    Blackwonder.tf is the biggest Team Fortress 2 gaming community! We provide many different servers, hosting plenty of game modes for everyone. The community is owned by Benedevil, developed by Lucas, Noodl and Benedevil, overseen by Rainbowrobb and Viking34 and managed by a group of admins and moderators.

    Community links

    Just click on the names of the socials and it'll take you there :)


    Here you can discuss topics, make suggestions, write guides, report players and appeal punishments.


    A more casual place for discussions, you can also call on online admins if you require assistance on a server.

    >Steam Group<

    Any special events will be posted here, where you will have the chance to earn extra credits or try out a new experimental server!


    Want to see a list of servers, or a player’s logs? All that is listed here.

    >Blackwonder Bans<

    Check a player’s ban/mute/gag status and history here.


    Server-related problems

    I have ping problems to a server!

    First off, try running a tracert command in your windows command prompt. Type this command:
    tracert [server ip]
    and see where your internet sends you. The most common issue is your ISP routes your internet through multiple countries (a very long detour around the planet), causing a bad connection. If not, you can also make a forum thread and we'll look into it.

    A server is missing from the server browser!

    Please check that the server is running, as sometimes they can go offline due to errors. Check the TFstats or Blackwonder Bans webpages for the server, and if not, try connecting directly with the server's IP by typing this in the console:
    connect [server ip]:[server port]
    If that still doesn't work, feel free to ask on the Forums or in the Discord.

    I get some kind of "missing map" error!

    Before you begin, open your TF2 settings and make sure this setting has been enabled:

    If the game for some reason doesn't download the required custom map, or you're trying to open a demo that takes place in a map you don't have installed, you have to install the map manually.
    First off, copy this link and add your missing map to the end:
    http://fdl.blackwonder.tf/tf/maps/[insert your mapname here].bsp.bz2
    for example:
    Once the map has been downloaded, use a tool such as 7zip to unzip the file into a map.bsp file. WARNING: do not edit the file name and just remove the .bz2 extension, that won't do anything.
    Now just move the map to this directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps
    and there you go! The map is now installed and you can try loading in to the server or opening the demo file.

    0 doesn't close the menu!

    Open your console and type this:
    bind 0 slot10
    That should fix your problem.

    Storebot-related problems

    The storebot declined my trade!

    The storebot has multiple criteria that has to be met:
    1. Please make sure you have a premium TF2 account. The storebot will not accept trades with free to plays.
    2. Please make sure you have no trade hold. If you have a trade hold, the bot will also decline the trade.
    3. Please make sure you have a mobile authenticator.
    4. Please double check that you didn't mix up server rank points and Credits. Use the command /credits in-game to check your credits count. Sometimes you may have to disconnect to update the credit amount.
    5. Please make sure the bot has the metal in stock. If it's not, please be patient and Benedevil will restock the bot when he has the time.
    6. If you're selling keys to the storebot, make sure it's a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key. The bot won't accept any cosmetic keys.
    If you meet this criteria, feel free to ask us on the Forums or in the Discord.

    I have negative credits!

    your credit balance will not update after making a trade with the storebot, and if you use the not updated value for other things, such as coinflips, you will have negative credits if you overspend. PLEASE RECONNECT TO THE SERVER AFTER USING THE STOREBOT OR YOU'LL SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE PAYING BACK YOUR DEBT TO BLACKWONDER.

    The storebot is out of metal!

    The storebot has to be manually restocked by the owner, Benedevil. Please be patient until he restocks the bot with fresh metal.

    The storebot took my items but didn't give me credits!

    Please allow around 5 minutes for the server to process your sale. After that, also try reconnecting to the server by typing reconnect into the console or joining a new server.
    also, when selling metal to the storebot, don't make the trade too big (>50 metal) or the storebot will not reward the credits.
    If you haven't recieved your credits, feel free to ask us on the Forums or in the Discord.

    Donor-related problems

    My custom Title is being cut off!

    Custom titles have a character limit. Note this limit includes the {color} tags used, so don't change your text color too much.

    Frequently asked questions

    General questions

    Do you have a Discord/Steam Group/etc.?

    All our official channels are linked here.

    Where can I ask questions?

    Feel free to ask us here on the forums in the questions subforum or join our Discord and ask other members of the community there!

    I'm new to BLW! What do I do?

    First off, welcome to Blackwonder! You can introduce yourself here on the forums or join our Discord and say hi there!

    Server-related questions

    Where do I get help from an admin?

    Join our Discord and use the #requesthelp channel to request help from an available staff member.

    Why isn't there a /taunts command?

    As Valve's TOS states that it is forbidden to give people items that they do not possess, we are not instating a /taunts command or making taunts purchasable in the in-game store.

    When do servers perform a restart?

    Server restarts happen every day at 5 am in the local timzone of the server.

    Forums questions

    Where do I submit suggestions?

    If you have a map suggestion, click here.
    For Jailbreak LR suggestions, click here.
    For !soundlist suggestions, click here.
    If you have any server ideas, click here.
    For any other suggestion, post a forum thread in this subforum.

    Where do I report a player?

    You can use this form to submit a player report.
          Note: you must create a forum account to be able to use this link.
    If you don't want to make a forum account, you may also use this form to file a report.
          Note: you can only file a report using this link. If you have to add evidence or perform any other follow-up action, you have to create a forum account. Your IP will also be automatically added to the report if you choose to use the guest player report form.
    Please only submit a report if you have sufficient evidence to prove they broke a rule.

    Where can I appeal my punishment?

    If you feel like you were wrongfully punished or believe your punishment should be revoked, use this form and file a punishment appeal.
          Note: you must create a forum account to be able to use this link.
    If you don't want to make a forum account, you may also use this form to file your appeal.
          Note: you can only file your appeal using this link. If you have to perform any other follow-up action, you have to create a forum account. Your IP will also be automatically added to the report if you choose to use the guest punishment appeal form.

    Where can I apply for staff?

    Before you apply, please read this wiki article on how to properly apply, then use this form to submit an application.

    Storebot/currency questions

    How do I earn credits?

    You can earn credits through multiple means:
    - daily login bonus (type !store to claim it)
    - contracts (type !contract to view your daily contract)
    - selling metal to the storebot
    - just playing the game! While playing on BLW servers, you passively earn credits!

    You can also increase the amount of credits earned by:
    - adding "blw.tf" in your name
    - joining our steam group
    - becoming a donator

    How do I use credits?

    you can use credits in two ways:
    !store is for in-game items like building hats, chat titles, donator rank and more.
    !storebot is when you want to use your credits to purchase metals such as scrap, reclaimed and refined and even keys if you have enough credits!

    How do I check the storebot's inventory balance?

    You can join our Discord and type ~storebot in the #bot channel to check the storebot's stock.

    Donator information

    Where do I donate?

    You can donate here.

    How do I donate?

    You can pay with PayPal or a credit/debit card, or you can pay with TF2 keys.
    (NOTE: we only accept normal TF2 keys, cosmetic crate keys etc. won't be accepted!)

    How much is it to become a donator?

    There are two plans:
    You can pay $2/month or 1 key a month
    or you can pay $40 or 20 keys for a lifetime donator rank.

    What features do I get when I donate?

    You get plenty of perks ranging from:
    - more credits in-game
    - resize commands
    - no ads
    - better RTD odds
    and many more!
    For the full list, click here.

    I have a problem donating/getting my perks, what do I do?

    No worries! First check out the donator FAQ, and if your question isn't answered there, you can ask us either in our Discord or on the forums.

    Useful Resources and guides

    How to write a moderator application

    List of Blackwonder RTDs

    Minecraft server plugins

    How to record demos

    About the Wiki

    The wiki is currently managed by TheCrappyCompletionist, so if you have any suggestions, drop him a message!

    Planned features

    • expand the troubleshooting thread
    • migrate the troubleshooting section to it's own dedicated page


    The Changelog is found here.

    Editor's note

    Hey! you read until the end of the wiki? well then, I think you deserve... something? Idk, click here for that something lol
    also give this page a like if you clicked the links, trust me, it's nothing bad ~TheCrappyCompletionist

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