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Read Me Welcome to the Minecraft Server!

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Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

The Fattest and the Fluffiest
Staff Member
Nov 30, 2016
IP: mc.blackwonder.tf
Version: 1.18.2
Slots: 100

See Minecraft Rules wiki page.

Things to remember:
• This is NOT an Anarchy Server
We have rules. Make sure to follow them.

Useful Commands (Not All Commands - Just Common Ones)
/Command <required> [optional]Description
/afkToggle your AFK state. This toggles automatically after 2 minutes.
/helpOpens the help menu to show all commands.
/home [home name]Teleports to your Bed location.
/me <message>Your message is shown as an action.
/motdDisplay the Message of the Day.
/msg <username> <message>Privately message another user.
/r <message>Reply to the most recent private message.
/spawnTeleports you to spawn.
/warp [warp name]Teleports you to a Set Location.

Installed Plugins List (For Nerdz)
CoreProtect - Used to Log all actions. Block breaking, chests open, chat said.
DiscordSRV - Used to sync Minecraft and Discord chat.
Essentials - Ease of life commands.
PermissionsEx - Permissions plugin.
ServerListMOTD - Custom plugin made by me. Used to make the MOTD look all colourful and fancy.
SuperVanish - Used to hide staff.
WorldEdit - Used to make large world edits in one go.
WorldGuard - Used to protect areas.
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