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Read Me Welcome to the Minecraft Server!

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Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

The Fattest and the Fluffiest
Staff member
Nov 30, 2016
IP: mc.blackwonder.tf
Version: 1.14.1
Type: Factions
Slots: 100

- No Cheating/Hacking of any kind
(This includes Xray Texture Packs, Minimaps that reveal players and Modified Clients)

(This does not include client-side mods, such as Optifine.)
- No use of Vulgar, Offensive or Racist Language
- No Abusing/Exploiting

- No Spamming the chat
- Treat people the way you expect to be Treated

- Use Common Sense

Things to remember:
- Admins have [Admin] tags before their names
- The WorldBorder is set to 20k Blocks from the Spawnpoint (You cannot go/build beyond this point.)
- Faction creation costs
$100[Of Ingame Currency]
- You can store money in your faction, like a Bank. (Your faction's money is used to claim land, not yours.)
- Claiming Faction Land costs
$81[Of Ingame Currency] Per Chunk
- You lose 15% of your money on Death (If it was a player that killed you, they receive this)
- Faction Raiding is allowed
- PVP is enabled and allowed
- PVP Lock prevents you from disconnecting mid-fight, You will die upon reconnecting!
- There is a Server Store at Spawn to buy and sell things
- You can also rent your own Store to sell your own things

Useful Commands
/Command <Required> [Optional]Command Definition
/helpList all commands and show information (Commands listed here are only a sample, not all!)
/spawnTeleport yourself back to Spawn
/tpa <Username>Request to teleport to someone
/tpahere <Username>Request to teleport someone to you
/tpacceptAccept a teleport request
/tpdenyDeny a teleport request
/homeTeleport to your bed location (If it set)
/f create <Faction Name>Create a faction
/f deposit <Ammount>Deposit money from your balance into your faction (Your faction can be used as a bank to store money)
/f withdraw <Ammount>Withdraw money from your faction's balance into your own
/f invite <Username>Invite someone to join your faction
/f join <Faction Name>Join a faction, or accept an invitation to join one
/f claim oneClaim a single chunk for your faction (16x16 Area)
/f claim autoAutomatically claim chunks for your faction as you walk
/f warp set homeSet the home warp point for your faction
/f warp go homeTeleport to your faction home
/f flyToggle flight within your faction land (Only works if flight has been purchased! See below)
Flight for a faction costs $40,000[IGC] plus an additional $30,000[IGC] per faction member.
The Default price for a faction with 1 member is, therefore,
To purchase flight for your faction, have the faction owner speak to an admin.

Installed Plugins List
- PVPControl (PVP Lock)
- SilkSpawners (Silk Touchable Spawners)
- BlowableObsidian (Obsidian Breaks after 5 TNT Explosions)
- mcMMO (Trackable and Upgradable Stats and Skills)
- AreaShop (Rentable Land)
- ChestShops (Player Created Shops)
- Factions (Duh)
- DiscordSRV (Relay Chat between Discord and Minecraft)
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Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

The Fattest and the Fluffiest
Staff member
Nov 30, 2016
Chest Shops 101
You can rent land within the Player Store to sell your own goods at your own prices.
To rent a Store simply head over to the Player Store and click on a sign that's not already in use.

Once in you're in a store you own, you can customise and build in this area as much as required. Chance the floor, place blocks and chests.

Setting up a Chest Shop is easy. Place down a chest, and a sign either on the chest or next to it.
The sign must be set up in the following format:
First Line:
Second Line: Quantity of the Item you wish to Buy/Sell at a time
Third Line: "B" The Price to buy " : " The Price to sell "S"
Forth Line: The Item

If done correctly, the First Line will automatically change to show your username.

Chest Shops.png
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