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Deathrun Rules

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  • Do not ghost (top)

    Do not give any information about traps to allow people to get past them with ease, except if it is a freerun.
    It does not matter if the information you give is wrong or not. It is still considered ghosting to tell people which door or path to choose.

    Do not delay the round (top)

    Some maps do not have Anti-AFK methods, so do not exploit this and actively participate in the game.

    Do not fake a freerun (top)

    The death is not allowed to activate any traps to kill runners when they have given a freerun.
    The death is not allowed to use misleading terms such as: "Freeruin", "Feerun" or "Treerun".

    Do not suicide as death (top)

    Use !drtoggle if you don't want to be picked as death.
    Do not suicide, change teams or disconnect to avoid being death.

    Do not abuse map exploits (top)

    Some maps have exploits and skippable areas. Do not abuse these, instead report them so we can fix them.

    Do not abuse BHOP (top)

    Yes we use a BHOP plugin, but this is not to be abused to skip and/or escape traps. BHOP is a tool used to gain speed and bounce, it is not there for you to abuse.

    No favoritism (top)

    You cannot excessively prioritize your friends when being death.

    No targeting (top)

    You cannot excessively prioritize or target one or more people, and then allow others a freerun.
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