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Declined Polis Staff application on vsh UK

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Nov 23, 2019
Name: My name is polis Your Age: and im 16 years old Location: from sweden, Server Information: Yes i've been an admin on many servers times mostly on prison break and deathrun holding the servers clean and safe. i got demoted when i stopped playing cause of deppresion and had a hard time in school. i've been admin on pwnzone.net and more servers i dont have the names of. i have +reps for being a good admin in my steam profile. my duration on those servers was for about 6-8 months,Are you familiar with admin commands? : Yes i know many commands from my before owner he taught me alot of commands. On which servers do you usually play? i play vsh everyday Application Questions and im donator right now so i ''votemute'' and ''votekick'', 'votegag'' when people dont listen to the rules, and i wanna become admin so its easier for me to do these things without Needing to vote for it. i never see any admins och vsh so i think i would fit in the community too help as a staff. i think im suitable for the staff placement cause like i said i have experience and im a nice guy and wanna help the community. And want to help blackwonder as mutch as i can. Right now and for the future of blackwonder. thats why i decided to apply. I can see the staffs in blackwonders forum but i didn't know any names before then. i would punish a rulebreaker that if he cheats i would ban him for some time depending on the cheat he used, if hes racist in chat i would ban,gag him for some time cause i dont accept racists. and other type of inappropriate
Language, i play everyday from 8 pm in the morning to 9 pm in the Evening. Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know : i know alot more commands and i wanna learn all the admins names and more stuff but i wanna be a test admin so i can show you that im suitable for this job. please and thank you :) heres my steam id! : https://steamcommunity.com/id/PolisBil/
Not open for further replies.
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