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Guess im here now.

Train Overlord

Aug 27, 2018
Hello everyone! My name is Train Overlord and I'm a old TF2 Player returning to the life of TF2. I been playing on your server for around 2-3 weeks now and I'm addicted to it. Great people and great staff (although I have only met one) and the player base is great. I'm a Jailbreak player so I'm often on there, despite the lack of staff I have seen the server is able to operate on its own legs with Mass freekillers being extremely rare and freekillers often admit to their sins and Suicide. I enjoy finding and using secrets on the Map so if a new map is released expect me to be hitting everything out of place to find a secret. I also made a one day Disco Cult which had a surprising amount of people in it and was fun to the point Blu had to defend Disco at the start of the rounds. I hope I can meet and continue to enjoy the server and see you there.

Pan Pan

Sufficiently Lethal
Jul 8, 2018
Yo-ho Lad!! You might know me as Edmond Dantes on steam but i prefer you calling me Pan or Pan Pan. Enjoy your time here, mate.

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