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Cinnamon Application


New Member
Jul 6, 2019



Steam Id

Previous Admin INFO
I was one of closest admins on FoG, in past, but they closed the community like 1 month later i got on, but, i know how to deal with cheaters and griefing (Exploit) and also, i got experience on Admin Commands

The server I would like to Administrate
I would like to be an admin on a trade minecraft, because like all day i see cool people, and i can know them better, then i would like to make them follow the rules more frequently then usually, because all day i see alot of Breaking Rules and Cheaters

Why do I want to become an Admin?
I would like to become admin because i can make people enjoy better the game, without people ruin the game for griefing or hacking (Clean and safe)

Usually im online like all day, depends on my life stuff, but most of days im free, and ready to do my job on this (So like 24/24 most of days)

I have like 2000 hours on TF2, but if you see low hours here, it's because i got a new account, but normally it's 2000 hours
and i would like to help in other servers too

Do I know any Admins?
Yea actually Benedevil, The owner, not so much, but he was so gentle on my Welcoming on Discord server on the BLW Community and i hope i can know all the staff, and make some new friends! :D

How would I Deal with a Hacker/Spammer/Rule Breaker?

Spamming Chat/Voice Chat

Offender get 2 warning at first place then you get gagged temporarely for 1 hour first then if he don't learn the lesson 24 hours of gag then 48 so 2 days and then 7 days, then 1 month, and then Permanent gag

Racist offense

24 hours depends on the offense, then it will be dealed like
48 hours, 1 week, then 2 week, and permanently


Record the suspected hacker if he is suspicious and the ban him, then he can make an appeal, if he does make the appeal, provide the video evidence. But if it's a plain out hacker that hasn't been detected by the auto cheat system, ban him.

NSFW Sprays:

Now from here you want to issue a warning on the person if it deemed inappropriate, kick the person with the following message of something of these lines: "Please change your spray" and if he has not changed his spray once he joins back, you can initiate the perma sprayban

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