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Black-Wonder Zombie Survival Part 3: The Guide For The Last Remainder Of Perks

Mr. Walker

Nov 8, 2019
Hello it is I, Mr. Walker, former no. 1 player of Black-Wonder Zombie Survival U.S, back again for the 3rd time because I am a certified insomniac, today I will help you learn the basics of how the rest of how engineer perks work and what you really want to learn as for ways to survive, in-a-long guide you'll learn almost everything for engineer / human to know before or afterwards so you don't get confused much as to what to do.

Let's continue where we left off which was after Freezer was done being covered.

Pusher: What is it?

Pusher is well, erm... self-explanatory, it is another ability-based perk much like Freezer, you use your Special Attack button to use the ability, it also has the same cool-down rate of 18 seconds and ability-use rate of 8 seconds much like Freezer, the ability pushes medics really far away when being hit from any source, including secondaries, you can use it to escape from a gang of medics and push them far back into the map, and you can epically troll medics with it by sending them into a environmental hazard to kill them off for the funnies.

Now for the downsides, it's the exact same as Freezer, yeah, -30% damage penalty.

Lone Wolf: What is it?

Lone Wolf is a mostly battle-engineer, roamer and camper-type perk for players who like to remain solo and want the delicious +34% damage buff regardless of medic type, and points too probably lol, so Lone Wolf is a perk derived on being solo as the name implies, it rewards players with their bravery by giving them the highest damage buff that a engineer can have from any perk or source, well aside from Jet-Pack market-garden melee hits.

Now for the downsides, when a engineer is near or around your radius, you get a damage decrease that increases with each engineer that gets close to you, it functions like the Juggernaut's Damage Resistance, except of helping you it fucks you over with a high damage penalty that caps up to 68% which is crazy, so try not to lure any engineers near you at all times with this perk as with every 1 engineer that gets close to you, you get a 1/2 of your damage cut down and it adds up for each engineer close to you, you'll only gain back your 34% damage increase when all engineers have left you.

Sneaky Pardner: What is it?

Sneaky Pardner is a ninja-neer type perk which allows you to go invisible alongside double damage from attacking behind a medic's back for 8 seconds, this can be used to sneak around parts of a map, as a escape tool since it grants you a speed-boost, or to mess with a bunch of medics and kill them constantly from behind like a backstabbing spy, this is also somewhat situationally useful in a colony / engineer nest for getting rid of amputator medics or any medic rush if you can move around that is.

Now for the downsides, you can't build anything, but you can use the same trick that can be done much like Jet-Pack.

Texas Style: What is it?

Texas Style is a melee-only based perk which forces the engineer to go head-to-head with medics, these engineers are the most annoying to deal with because they have +50% melee damage, meaning they'll just 2 shot a medic unless a Juggernaut has max resistance, alongside +50% melee damage, they're also given a +20% speed increase, this perk becomes very strong in campable parts of a map and engineer nests as they hit hard and can absolutely destroy a medic push because of the high mobility and damage.

Now for downsides, it's melee-only (duh) and you can't build, the same trick can be done with Jet-Pack.

Secret-Upside, hold your primary weapon with Texas Style equipped til setup time has been ended, you'll now transform into a civilian with a even faster speed increase but cannot attack, but to return back to normal with your fist out, just switch back to melee.

Battery Jet-Pack: What is it?

It is a side-grade to the normal singular Jet-Pack where you have 3 fully charged Leaps to use, so be careful and be wise with your usage and movement of Battery Jet-Pack, you can stack as many leaps as you freely want as you could with normal Jet-Pack from a Leap market-garden kill, the main benefits from this side-grade in particular over the standard Jet-Pack is that it's easier to escape since you have 3 fully loaded ready-to-go leaps at your disposal, and you get reach to places faster and more sneakily compared to the singular perk.

Now for downsides, if you waste all 3 Leaps, you're forced to wait 18 seconds to use just 1 Leap from all 3 if you used one which is doubled the normal cool-down basically, and you cannot build, can use the same trick again to keep your buildings.

Black-Wonder Zombie Survival Server I.P's: (U.S server) (B.W server) (N.Y server)

Thank you so much for reading this guide for the last of the perks, see you in:

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