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  1. Semicolon Backslash

    [JB] Semi's Map Feedback Thread

    Hello, I have made a lot of maps, too many in fact and I've been meaning on doing a bunch of housekeeping on some of them. However I want to make sure I am catching all the issues on these maps so that's where y'all come in. Simply leave whatever feedback you have for a map, it can be for any...
  2. Keres

    US Jailbreak Map Tierlist

    I thought this would be a bit of fun to post here and get an understanding of what everyone thinks of our current rotation! To add to that @honey recently remade the list for our current US Jailbreak rotation https://tiermaker.com/create/blackwonder-jailbreak-map-tierlist---cupofhoney-15415946...
  3. gusic

    Declined Add jb_72hours, jb_freddy210hell_v8, jb_wtc_b8 Suggestion

    A collection of maps not found on any other server. jb_72hours : A very small map created for TF2Maps's 72 hour jam with minigames such as four corners, knife pit, obby, stairway, and sweeper. jb_freddy210hell_v8 : A large map centered around the map's namesake. It contains pop culture...
  4. Mr. Walker

    Completed Zombie Survival : Add Snowplow, Mann Manor, Chateau, 5Gorge, Cooler Upward, Shoreleave, Teien, Ququ, and Moldrock!

    This is for Zombie Survival by the way I just couldn't fit the sentence onto the title xd. Okay this post made by our tiny little dedicated community to the Zombie Survival US mode oh and make sure to scroll the post title cuz its BIG, and since we haven't gotten a new map update in ages, I...
  5. Sammy~?

    Completed Dodgeball map to remove

    tfdb_groove_v2, it's always rtv'ed and it is not a fun map because of the downspikes that are practicly uncatchable at high speeds. I think it should be a good map to remove because it simply always gets removed
  6. Artorol

    Answered How do I submit a map for a deathrun server?

    I've recently been making a dr map, when I finish making the map, I want it to be in one of your dr servers, how do i submit?
  7. Dust Biter

    Add vsh_honeyhivegalaxy

    My friend and I really want to see how it plays https://gamebanana.com/maps/216187 You can see more screenshots of the map in the previous version also on gamebanana
  8. S

    Completed Update dr_lasagna

    dr lasagna got an update recently but for some reason the old version v2 has just been removed please re add it and update to v3 please
  9. S

    Declined Dodgeball map suggestions.

    Add: tfdb_partyisland_v1 I had a quick look for rocket-holes on this map, there seems to be none and it is an aesthetically pleasing map. However something controversial might be the random events that happen on the map every so often. These events may be objectively bad for the gamemode...
  10. S

    Answered Can I submit maps for a server? And if yes then where?

    I'm really into Dodgeball as well as making maps. So suppose I make some maps and would like to submit then to be reviewed/added to Dodgeball. How would I do that? I'm aware of the specific entities that are required and believe that it will not be a problem, as I just copied them from a map...
  11. Mr. Walker

    Completed Medics V. Engineers: Add Goldrush_Zombie, Badwater_Zombie, Dustbowl_Zombie_v4, cp_Scarab, Lazarus, Cyberpunk, 2Fort_Cool

    New maps to fit the perk system better and expand it the map selection a bit more so when there's more players these maps would be preferred, remove Dustbowl_Zombie_v2 and replace it with Dustbowl_Zombie_v4 as its the intended final build of the map. P.S: Don't lock us inside of our spawns lol...
  12. Divetir

    Completed add some new maps in Dr

    here some of my suggestions of map i found cool https://gamebanana.com/maps/188438 https://gamebanana.com/maps/205994 https://gamebanana.com/maps/211628 https://gamebanana.com/maps/205427 https://gamebanana.com/maps/183511 https://gamebanana.com/maps/211271 https://gamebanana.com/maps/205542...
  13. Mr. Walker

    Completed Zombie Survival : Add pl_camber, pl_beerbowl_r.c.6, pl_pier, pl_frontier, remove free2fort, pl_emerge.

    So it has come to my conclusion is that free2fort was much larger than I anticipated and it's now a broken mess I didn't see coming, thus it gotta go because of the busted spots within, pl_camber and beerbowl_r.c.6 because those maps were beloved by a fair amount of the playerbase established in...
  14. Green Sky

    Answered I can create a server? (just for maps)

    i want to create a server just for put maps only like Laughter, pass time maps, mannpower maps, ya know, just for put maps.
  15. TheCrappyCompletionist

    Broken maps? Check here!

    NOTE: due to my lack of time, I cannot maintain this thread anymore. Many of the newer maps aren't in this list. Herro everyone, me Gibus and I'm back with another guide. This is a troubleshooting thread for you people who have trouble connecting to servers with certain maps active. All you...
  16. Y

    Declined Deathrun map suggestion :3

    1. What's the map's name? = Dr_smexytraps 2. What's so good about that map that you want us to add it? = Its a short, but very hard map. That has several hard jumps, with moving platforms that complicates the map in a way where it doesn't matter if you'r a bhop master or not. 3. Give us a few...
  17. Jiggly

    Completed 2 Map removal Suggestions (VSH/FF2)

    1st map: VSH_ZELDE_WW_OUTSET_ISLAND Reason: It is wide and open, not skyboxes or similar mean that players can hide in unreachable places (Via sniper climb/sticky) and rounds mostly end in timeout due to nobody finding each other. 2nd map: VSH_WAREHOUSE_FINAl Reason: Similar to the first one...
  18. Cyanide64

    Declined MAP REMOVAL: jail_minecraft_dynf_v10d AND jb_minecraft_night_final_v5

    REMOVAL: jail_minecraft_dynf_v10d AND jb_minecraft_night_final_v5 My arguments are very similar for both of these maps, so my awnsers to the questions below apply to both of them. 1. What's the map's name? jail_minecraft_dynf_v10d and jb_minecraft_night_final_v5 2. Why should we remove it? The...
  19. Cyanide64

    Completed Update ba_hopjb_v7

    1. The map that needs updating is: ba_hopjb_v7 2. Updated version: ba_hopjb_v8 3. -Added mini-game: Stairway to Heaven -Fixed bug where Danger Below would stop as soon as 1 person died -Fixed secret "Demoman" escape route is Fall Game -Sky-box has been updated 4. This map is for...
  20. Aegeus Dusk

    Completed Map addition to Jailbreak

    I used to play on this map called jail_snowballsv20_opst on a server which I wont name but what I liked about it was that people could play many different mini games on that map. It included Plinko, Derby, Glory Hole (no joke thats the name), Boulder Dash, and many more. I think it would be nice...
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