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  1. Unicake2

    JB Miami Trailer

  2. Real Darkness Owl

    Jailbreak, but 64 players?

    Hello, very recently, this caught my eye that skial.tf did try to override the max players from 32 max players to 64. However, please take a grain of salt, since this is very new for Team Fortress 2. There is a package for "No-MvM" which works for any gamemode. - Reduce server CPU usage by...
  3. D

    Declined Make LR's unchainable more than twice (Jailbreak)

    self explanatory but its kind of been a issue because people will setup LR's with either custom LR's or regular LR's where they know they can win easily and chain LR's over and over and basically just draw out servertime. Its happened a handful of times and most people dont mind it but I thought...
  4. D

    Accepted Update spyvsspy v2a to v2b

    Self explanatory title but incase you're wondering what the changes are, you can click here Incase you're too lazy to click on the link lol There will probably be more posts like this related to maps semi maintains as hes currently updating them all...
  5. D

    Declined Remove Headless Horseless Horsemann's Kill Day LR (JB)

    Title is pretty self explanatory but here's a few reasons on why it kind of sucks as a LR: You're forced into third person which looks whonky when you're playing with the large size of the horsemann but trying to go into first person often blinds you because the headtaker doesn't correctly...
  6. Semicolon Backslash

    [JB] Semi's Map Feedback Thread

    Hello, I have made a lot of maps, too many in fact and I've been meaning on doing a bunch of housekeeping on some of them. However I want to make sure I am catching all the issues on these maps so that's where y'all come in. Simply leave whatever feedback you have for a map, it can be for any...
  7. Puggy

    Declined Pokemon Day (JB)

    Ok so yes Pokémon day is a banned day, but what if that was changed to a LR day. One blue is randomly picked as team captain and one red. blues get mini crits reds get regular hits both have melees out. Then 1 blue since they have mini crits and 2 reds with no crits. You could let everyone fight...
  8. Keres

    US Jailbreak Map Tierlist

    I thought this would be a bit of fun to post here and get an understanding of what everyone thinks of our current rotation! To add to that @honey recently remade the list for our current US Jailbreak rotation https://tiermaker.com/create/blackwonder-jailbreak-map-tierlist---cupofhoney-15415946...
  9. Dee

    Declined [Jailbreak] Add a rule for LR denial

    Kind of surprised we don't have a rule for this yet but whatever. I suggest that we add a rule for LR denial that prevents wardens from denying people's LRs except if it's unreasonable/embarrassing (Some examples: "Give all orders in a French accent", "Don't allow any reds to move the entire...
  10. Peter

    Completed FR/LR and Do X for LR poll

  11. B

    sent trade to bot, still not accepted

    sent the bot 2 keys to trade for donator day before yesterday and it still hasn't accepted the trade.
  12. Crunchydp

    Completed (TF2 Jailbreak) New warden Command Draw line

    I was just watching someone play CSGO jailbreak and the server they were playing on had an interesting additional command for warden that allowed them to draw a line on the floor and make reds/Ts follow said line. I saw this and realized how good this would be for black wonder jail break.
  13. gusic

    Accepted Update last request teleports for Wildwest and Snowday Remade

    Last requests in both maps teleport players to the void. Below are coordinates within map boundaries. ba_jail_wildwest_v8a1 -7350 5730 64 (freedays, by medic room) -3690 8900 -100 (red warday, jeopardy) -8000 7600 128 (blue warday, saloon) jb_snowday_remade_v2a -4160 3520 -48 (freedays, by...
  14. Peter

    Automatically re-assign warden (JB)

    Sometimes no one will go warden upon either warden being fired or someone using !uw which leads to the round ending before it even begins. My suggestion is to randomly select a warden after a few seconds to take over after either of these things happen similar to how it happens at the start of...
  15. gusic

    Accepted Update jb_hopjb to v12

    A brand new update with the following changes Disco has been completely rebuilt with its own room, a change in minigame logic, and a single music button that randomly chooses from 10 different songs Boats in Battle Boats are no longer damaged when shot at or hit with a melee +use no longer...
  16. gusic

    Declined Add jb_72hours, jb_freddy210hell_v8, jb_wtc_b8 Suggestion

    A collection of maps not found on any other server. jb_72hours : A very small map created for TF2Maps's 72 hour jam with minigames such as four corners, knife pit, obby, stairway, and sweeper. jb_freddy210hell_v8 : A large map centered around the map's namesake. It contains pop culture...
  17. gusic

    Improving jb_conspiracy

    What is good/bad about jb_conspiracy? What should be added/edited/removed in the map?
  18. Peter

    Unstuck people from teleporters in VSH

    My suggestion is to automagically teleport Hales upwards slightly when they get stuck inside of teleporters to prevent people from tele-trapping and then instantly killing the Hale. I assume most people who have played the game-mode are aware that telefragging people instantly kills Hale but is...
  19. C

    Accepted Add ba_sincinatti_v3

    Exactly 2 years ago I have made a grave error in my judgement and logical reasoning removing ba_sincinatti by creating a removal thread for the map. I was actually jealous that I would never make a map anywhere near as good as this one, let alone create an original map at all so out of sheer...
  20. fahel

    Answered What does 'Invite Prisoners to Blue Team' do?

    If the player accepts it, will they instantly get put on blu team and be re-spawned or will they go to blu team next round? I've actually never seen someone invite someone to blu
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