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  1. pogtheproto

    Answered so i found the blw jb discord server

    so if i am banned from the main discord sevrer can i be in other blw dc servers or not. just asking to not get in any trouble
  2. pogtheproto

    Jb bug, question

    so i had a question that if a red does the glich where they change their discuise to a blue should that be kos ?
  3. Nopelil

    blue team freekilling and giving lr to rebeller, they dont know how to play but still play on blue team

    and btw i noticed i got muted, may i have a reason, it says micspam , it was probably loud mic on so yeah sorry for that, have lil bro who uses voice changer so i forgot btw here are clips once again please dont mind into mic quality i am still tryna fix it
  4. I

    Perma teambanned for no mic?

    I am perma teambanned for no mic but I have a mic and have been using it in game. I'm assuming this is some sort of glitch and hope an admin here can help. Thanks.
  5. wario land 3

    Closed remove the cloak and dagger from jb

    tbh the cloak and dagger is the most annoying weapon in jb because if a spy with the cloak and dagger gets ammo, he can delay the round until he either dies or the time runs out while this isn't a problem most of the time, in lrs like hunger games, hide and seek, and warday, it becomes really...
  6. L

    Declined Atomizer balance for JB

    As of right now scout is unable to do a double jump in normal jb. I think its fair considering what you could do but the atomizer not giving atleast a double jump? I think thats a bit too boring and makes the atomizer a downgrade to stock. A couple of ideas to balance this are. 1. Give scout a...
  7. P

    Completed Enable spells jb

    Spells would be lowkey pretty funny, enable them since they're already pretty sparse on some maps, if I remember correctly there's like 3-4 maps in rotation that have spells? Really no harm in allowing them to be enabled, some can only be accessed by reds anyways, which shouldn't allow blues to...
  8. kevman

    Respects To Donor Pawbs

    Respects To Donor Pawbs oh god.. pawbs got perma banned with me? weve never saw that coming. well... i thought they will remove their donator role... but i didnt expect this. pawbs was like one of a popular Donor on Jailbreak and people really liked them. but sadly they've being harrasing...
  9. kevman

    Completed Fire Warden Cooldown Suggestion

    Lets have a cooldown On Fire Warden Command. Like theyve getting fired for no reason every seconds Reason : there are few guards thats being picked as warden every round on 9:46 seconds or if the warden dies and someone else goes warden. they just immediantly fire the warden for no pair of...
  10. Semicolon Backslash

    Accepted Update jb_colors to V2

    Hi, I noticed your servers were still running v1a of my map jb_colors. V2 brings many numerous updates which the map really benefits from including but not limited to: A cool multi-lap kart race made by Berke An obby race minigame replaces jeopardy Many improvements to coloring clash including...
  11. icos999

    Declined icos999's Team Ban appeal

    Username: icos999 What is your type of punishment? Team Ban Where were you banned from? Servers What is your SteamID? icos999 Who has punished you? Jim Why were you punished? Freekill Why should we revoke your punishment...
  12. kevman

    Declined Suggest of Fire Command

    So there are many Players firing warden everytime round starts for no reason. i saw 6 guards getting fired as warden for no reason on 18-7-2023. we should make the fire command better. lets turn it into like a casual votekick command. if they want to fire the warden. there needs to be a reason...
  13. Unicake2

    Update Jb_Miami to V5

    V2 was supposed to come out with more features, including the Insurance, but due to the crashing glitch, I'm releasing this version rn, I think it features enough additions to stand out on its own. Added a !givemoney command! It allows players to send and receive transactions (Only alive...
  14. Unicake2

    JB Miami Trailer

  15. Jermbo

    Jailbreak, but 64 players?

    Hello, very recently, this caught my eye that skial.tf did try to override the max players from 32 max players to 64. However, please take a grain of salt, since this is very new for Team Fortress 2. There is a package for "No-MvM" which works for any gamemode. - Reduce server CPU usage by...
  16. D

    Declined Make LR's unchainable more than twice (Jailbreak)

    self explanatory but its kind of been a issue because people will setup LR's with either custom LR's or regular LR's where they know they can win easily and chain LR's over and over and basically just draw out servertime. Its happened a handful of times and most people dont mind it but I thought...
  17. D

    Accepted Update spyvsspy v2a to v2b

    Self explanatory title but incase you're wondering what the changes are, you can click here Incase you're too lazy to click on the link lol There will probably be more posts like this related to maps semi maintains as hes currently updating them all...
  18. D

    Declined Remove Headless Horseless Horsemann's Kill Day LR (JB)

    Title is pretty self explanatory but here's a few reasons on why it kind of sucks as a LR: You're forced into third person which looks whonky when you're playing with the large size of the horsemann but trying to go into first person often blinds you because the headtaker doesn't correctly...
  19. Semicolon Backslash

    [JB] Semi's Map Feedback Thread

    Hello, I have made a lot of maps, too many in fact and I've been meaning on doing a bunch of housekeeping on some of them. However I want to make sure I am catching all the issues on these maps so that's where y'all come in. Simply leave whatever feedback you have for a map, it can be for any...
  20. Puggy

    Declined Pokemon Day (JB)

    Ok so yes Pokémon day is a banned day, but what if that was changed to a LR day. One blue is randomly picked as team captain and one red. blues get mini crits reds get regular hits both have melees out. Then 1 blue since they have mini crits and 2 reds with no crits. You could let everyone fight...
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