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  1. Ori

    How to make HD Sprays

    If you're tired of source games shitty conversion of quality of sprays, it's time to make the change from simple png/jpgs to multifile sprays. For each section refer to the link provided for help via pictures. The way the forum is set up, I can't upload images directly. Sorry. First thing, you...
  2. Duck Lurch

    How to be a good guard

    Guard informations: 1. Allways be with the warden do not run away to make any secrets etc... because you must protect the warden! 2. If you play Sniper, Scout or other classes do not get to often into the mellee range of reds because its baiting, do not throw Jerate or Milk on the reds it's...
  3. Gyarik

    Basic Trading

    You've just joined a trading server, hoping to find the hat of your dreams, but in chat you find tons of player that say "Selling [Item] for 14.22 ref"...what does "ref" mean? And what are those decimal numbers? Don't worry, I'm here to explain how it works and how to start Trading. Note that...
  4. Grizzly

    Completed Guides Section

    I've been in quite a lot of TF2 communities over the 4 years I've played, and while I'm not particularly interested in the game all that much, I do like to help out here and then. Anyway, the point of this suggestion is to add a guides section to the forums. While not necessary, it allows the...