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How to make HD Sprays


Scarcely Lethal
Jan 25, 2018
If you're tired of source games shitty conversion of quality of sprays, it's time to make the change from simple png/jpgs to multifile sprays.
For each section refer to the link provided for help via pictures. The way the forum is set up, I can't upload images directly. Sorry.

First thing, you will need 2 programs:
Paint.net found here ==> https://www.getpaint.net/download.html
VTFedit found here ==> http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?c=178 (download installer)

The two programs, while opened should look like this: =======
Next, and most importantly it's time to find an image you want to use. Note that images that already have a masked background work exceptionally well in comparison to ones that cover the whole square. This meaning the outside of the main image is already given a mask, be it full black or white. The artists who create said pictures can determine that. In the image editor, masked backgrounds will have a dark gray and white tile surrounding it. example being: =======
Now, with paint.net open your image. Since tf2 sprays operate on 512x512 we will use just that. Go to the image tab, and select Canvas size.
Ensure you set the image location in the bottom to the MIDDLE otherwise it will zoom in on a corner, and we don't want that. If the image becomes extremely small as a result of canvas size, just dont use it, skip right to resize.
Next, go back to image tab and open Resize and set the same pixel, use the previous link for reference. Hit ok, and we're all done here.
Save the image as a PNG to an empty folder on the desktop specific for these spray files to make it easier for you to identify them.
Open VTFedit and import the saved image. From here a menu will open up, we need to change a few things. Uncheck generate minmaps and change the height and width to 512. Hit ok. Now your image should pop up with a menu on the left with a lot of checkboxes. If you're image has a black background, you can change that by hitting the view tab and selecting mask. Once you do that it should look like my previous examples of masked images. Next select CLAMP S and CLAMP T on the checkboxes. Now save the image to the desktop folder you made; doesn't matter what you call it.
From there, go under tools and select Create VMT File. In Base Texture 1 it should show the path that the image is sent to. Change everything before the name of the file to match the third picture. Now move to options and match the fourth picture as well. Now save it to the desktop folder you created.

Go to the folder, and take both the VMT and VTF files and copy them into your tf2 directory. The path is different for everyone based on how they saved the game.
PC>D:>SteamLibrary>steamapps>common>TeamFortress 2>tf>materials>vgui>logos
Once you are there paste the two files into the directory. That's it. The game should have installed the two files.

To test, open tf2 and open the multiplayer tab in options, go to the dropdown menu to find the spray name. Select it and hit okay.
If you want to test quickly, open console and type map itemtest

Using this method, the spray should maintain its quality regardless of distance. This is my first guide for this community, and I'm thinking of releasing one for VAC which is a improvement on hldj micspam tool. Thanks. Peace.

Aegeus Dusk

Blackwonder's Own
Mar 21, 2017
High Quality sprays exist in the source engine? AMAZING

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