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  1. CashPrizes

    Finished Donator Perks Giveaway!

    Hello Blackwonder Community, As a measure of my continuous gratitude and appreciation, I am hosting a donator perks giveaway. Seeing how successful the first raffle was, I wanted to continue in that same vain. I will be giving away 5x donator perks, as well as Benedevil has generously agreed to...
  2. Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

    Finished 86 Keys!

    I have accumulated 86 Keys, and I intend to give them all away. To be part of this giveaway you simply have to add your Unique Member ID Number and your Steam Trade URL to this google form. (Keeps it simple so I can configure all the numbers into an excel spreadsheet for picking winners instead...
  3. Yelowchy

    Finished Christmas hunger games giveaway

    OwU, it’s that time of the year again. Original idea by @Blizz So it’s christmas time, and what better way to celebrate than holding a giveaway? :3 I’m giving away this australium minigun: https://steamcommunity.com/id/YeloChey/inventory/#440_2_7115993170 However just by participating you...
  4. Yelowchy

    Finished Another hunger games giveaway :3

    Credit to Blizz for the idea and allowing me to reuse it. Original giveaway: https://bit.ly/2MxrOw5 Blizz’s profile: https://bit.ly/2MTZHEi I’m giving away this unusual taunt: https://steamcommunity.com/id/YeloChey/inventory#440_2_6751276417 To decide who wins the giveaway, I'll also be using...
  5. Blizz

    Finished Hunger Games Giveaway

    Hi all. I am clearing out my inventory of stuff giving away a Strange Specialized Killstreak Air Strike (Sheen: Team Shine) and a Strange Degreaser To decide who wins the giveaway, I'll be using BrantSteele Hunger Games simulator. Once enough contestants have replied, the Hunger Games will...
  6. Ori

    Finished Unusual L'homme Burglerre (Kill-a-Watt), and some goodies

    Clearing up some bp space and im feeling generous. good luck https://scrap.tf/raffles/F07Z9L
  7. Overkill

    Finished Name My Set.(please)

    The Giveaway has ended! Go to my last comment to find out who won. Pretty plain and simple. Name each item on the set. The best names will get the correlated prizes below. [EDIT]: Posting Descriptions now award a prize of 5 Refined if you win. Same Rules as names. 5 winners as well. Good...
  8. RezQ

    Finished A new giveaway for this amazing community ;3 50 hats each for 2 winners

    Ladies and Gentlegamers We're Back at it again with a new Giveaway ;3 This current Giveaway is just a humble prize of 50 craft hats to enter all you need to do is go to the Gleam link Right >>Here<< to increase your chances of winning you have complete the other entries in the list to unlock...
  9. Not Melectrome

    Finished Hi, I'm giving away premium gifts.

    This is for F2P'S only! If you want one, just add me on steem and message me. My steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/melectrome Oh, and forgot to mention, this isn't ending anytime soon, I can give away a lot.
  10. RezQ

    Finished A Humble Giveaway of 4 Keys ;3

    Ladies and Gentlegamers This is going to be one of many Team Fortress 2 Giveaways that I do almost weekly My current Giveaway is just a humble prize of 4 keys to enter all you need to do is go to the Gleam link Right >>Here<< You can get 2 free entries from the steam group quest which...
  11. Pablo The Wizard

    Finished BlackWonder Staff Giveaway Scrap.tf

    https://scrap.tf/raffles/D2C9TD Password is in the discord admin chat @Surny @Ramy @Ben289 @Benedevil @Timo @Lucas @Buster @Copyright @Wanka @will5023 @Viking34 @Tomato Kat ☆ @2010wolf | Blw.tf @RainbowRob @Pkay | Noob.tf @GRXD [ ᴄʜ ] @Fish-Related Crimes @Suicide @Mother Russia ☭ @Jim @my name...
  12. Pablo The Wizard

    Finished BlackWonder Staff Giveaway!

    The BlackWonder Community Forums has soon reaced 30000 Posts! I want to congratulate @Benedevil for reaching this. Im sure it was no easy task, but with the help of the great staff we have here Im sure he's proud of himself. Why do I ackknowledge this you may ask. Well as thanks for all...
  13. Buster

    Finished GIVEAWAY: The Beginner's Guide

    Hello, Since "alma" didn't want this. I'm giving away 1 copy of "The Beginner's Guide". This game is made by Davey Wreden. The creator of The Stanley Parable. It's a rather emotional, narrative heavy game. It takes like 2 hours to play through it. I think everyone should try it out especially...
  14. TriiX

    Finished 5k hours in TF2.

    Price: If u wanna enter just post below, ill scramble all names once it's done. I'll add the winner. Giveaway ends on monday.
  15. Moku

    Finished Delete This!

    Schedule 15th February to 1st March: Insurgency Giveaway 1st March to 15th March: Donator Giveaway 15th March to 1st April: TF2 Key Giveaway 1st April to 15th April: Donator Giveaway 15th April to 1st May: Chivalry Medieval Warfare Giveaway 1st May to 15th May: Donator Giveaway The game that...
  16. Moku

    Giveaway Information

    Hello, I’m Moku most of you know who I am on the Blackwonder.tf community I am here to tell you that I am going to buy your backpack on Team Fortress 2, Yes I am going to buy it, the prices are listed below. The reason why I’m going to buy your Backpack is because it’s a Win/Win situation you...
  17. Console

    Finished GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i will be giving away a Specialized Killstreak Huntsman Kit how to enter? give me likes or poop comment on the theard the will only be 1 winner so goodluck k bye i will pick the winner on friday :D OKAY BYE! k
  18. Console

    Finished Giveaway

    yo i'll be giving away 3 items and there will be 3 winners. how to enter -comment on the theard -or give me trains and i'll pick a random number from a website tomorrow.. the items -refind metal x1 reclaimed metal x1 scrap x3. -vintage specialized killstreak gunslinge (Sheen) mean Green...
  19. Moku

    Finished Giveaway - Every month

    Hello, tomorrow I'll be giving away Wallpaper Engine three to be exact. How to enter? 1.) Comment 2.) Follow me (So you never miss a giveaway) 3.) Add me on steam so I can gift you the Item Wallpaper Engine - http://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/ Steam -...
  20. Ben289

    Finished Fortnightly Giveaway #1 - Insurgency Giveaway!

    OKAY. So a little bit of an update. (You can all hate me for a different post.) Me and Lucas were talking, and he wants to do a donator giveaway, while I was doing this. So we came to an agreement that we would do Fortnightly giveaways, which at first @Lucas didn't understand. So I assume your...
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