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  1. 2010wolf | Blw.tf

    News Rocket Pit - Exclusive new gamemode!

    This is a new gamemode... or rather a config + a map that is made exclusively for this sort of gamemode. Config was made by me, extra plug-ins are made by @Benedevil and @Noodl This is how the gamemode works: ---------- TL;DR It's going to be a deathmatch gamemode, where both teams are...
  2. DeadGaming666

    Live Update Thread for Blackwonder Map

    Overview This is the live update thread for those that wish to keep up to date with my progress. This thread is most likely going to span over a month (and possibly more). I am open to conversation if you wish to have one during map production as it easy to type and make maps (I'm guessing at...
  3. DeadGaming666

    Dedicated Map for Blackwonder

    Overview I've decided to make maps as a start to where I want to go, and what better way to make maps than to dedicate a map to something. I will be dedicating this map to Blackwonder for the time I have spent on the previous servers (by god, I have spent so much time on the Deathrun servers I...