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Recent content by will5023

  1. will5023

    Declined Goober___'s Ban appeal

    i'm afraid your reason listed is only one of many reasons why you got banned from the servers, i may not be staff any more but i'm fairly certain were i to unban you that you'd only cause more trouble in the servers. DECLINED.
  2. will5023

    Declined SuiTě's Admin Application

    yeah i may have been pretty busy with uni and stuff but even before then i would have had no idea who you are to my knowledge anyway... sorry...
  3. will5023

    Read Me Resigning

    splish splash you're a good trade boi and did lotsa good for peeps :D
  4. will5023

    Accepted [Resigning] Alex-Ario

  5. will5023

    Declined w4ffl5's Admin Application

    You're 18 and you cant put even a basic amount of effort into your app ? this app is incredibly disappointing and your response to rob is just not good either. you're going to perm ban ban/silence someone after just over 5 days? your app needs serious work if it's ever going to be a viable...
  6. will5023

    Declined Pan Pan's Admin Application

    Ah, so now here's my thoughts, i can echo what mark has said above some of your punishments need looking at and things like that. But my concern here is what i banned you for before, And that is favoritism. from my point of view you've already shown that you will favorite people such as friends...
  7. will5023

    Declined Report against Kowii (Mod or something)

    sooo you were racist?
  8. will5023

    Declined The TF2 Guy's Admin Application

    you're 22? this app has less words than some 13 year olds applications... i very much doubt that 22 is your true age
  9. will5023

    Declined aboOodssjr's Admin Application

  10. will5023

    Read Me I am going to be retiring/taking an extended break.

    Hello there, i'm sure that when you first read that title you were like "HOHOHO ANOTHER JOKE THREAD" however this time it's NOT a joke. I am going to be retiring, though perhaps calling it more of an extended leave of absence would be more accurate. There is a few reasons for this. (none bad)...
  11. will5023

    Declined Lennyfaec's Admin Application

    can you provide us a link to it? i'm sure you should be able to find it
  12. will5023

    Declined AirTF2's Ban appeal

    No your steam account is only made March the first so if you’ve played us 2 years you must have another?
  13. will5023

    Declined Jake's Admin Application

    for a 15 year old jake it would seem that you've put very little thought into this application. you've only listed one punishment for jailbreak, a server which is hugely complex and you haven't even listed even the most basic of punishments. unless i'm premature in posting and you're still...
  14. will5023

    Accepted Jampoint's Admin Application

    Welcome jampoint :D congratulations