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Recent content by Cowboy

  1. Cowboy

    Blw jb staff tier list and apology

    anyone willing to change themselves for the better will always have my support. Good luck out there.
  2. Cowboy

    Accepted Add Jb_Carnival to JB

    Playtested this map with the boys a while back. The Karts minigame is SO fun. This map is really high quality with some unique minigames, would love to see it added into the map rotation. Well done, @alexrox360
  3. Cowboy

    Declined Hyped's Team Ban appeal

    Greetings Y'all, Blackwonder Alumni here. I'd like to throw in my two cents on this appeal as i have played with Banana on the Panda Jailbreak servers and can offer my insight. Banana doesn't break the rules intentionally in my experience, I think he lacks common sense at times and loses...
  4. Cowboy

    Accepted CupOfHoney's Moderator Application

    Long time coming congratulations
  5. Cowboy

    Counter Strike JB server when

    It's a pretty popular gamemode on CSGO Would be fun!
  6. Cowboy

    Accepted Update to Jb_District_Remake

    Looks visually amazing, would love to see it enter our map pool. MAKE IT HAPPEN
  7. Cowboy

    Declined timingsine's Moderator Application

    Hooo nelly. Hi timing, I'm glad to see you applying. It feels like I've been playing jailbreak with you for years now, your high activity rate is noticed and you've improved your behavior the last few years. no Commblocks or Teambans this year, aside from that little Discord Incident. However...
  8. Cowboy

    Imagine trying to get #1 in jailbreak

    LA JB is the only ranking list that matters
  9. Cowboy

    Declined Fiopon's Moderator Application

    Applicant currently has a permanent commblock in place set by @Pienamai Appeal was declined recently as well. https://blackwonder.tf/threads/s-moth-appeal.32330/#post-121002
  10. Cowboy

    Accepted Add ba_sincinatti_v3

    if this isnt enough to bring back the map idk what is. @Cyveray
  11. Cowboy

    Accepted CupOfHoney's Moderator Application

    Hi Honey, I went ahead and took a look at your logs and i was impressed at the fact that there is multiple instances of you attempting to remind others of the rules and being overall helpful. Part of being Jailbreak staff is having thick skin and a lot of patience. You're going to have days in...
  12. Cowboy

    Accepted Add ba_sincinatti_v3

    Bring it back.
  13. Cowboy

    Accepted Readd the original jb_snowday.

    Old snowday brings back so much nostalgia, I'd love to see it returned.
  14. Cowboy

    Brand New Jailbreak LA Tier List Template

    joe who
  15. Cowboy

    Tier List of Jailbreak Players

    >shad in S tier >Yeahokaybud.jpeg
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