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Recent content by Alex.bsp

  1. Alex.bsp

    Factions Chests Poll

    This basically.
  2. Alex.bsp

    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Funny click and add button.
  3. Alex.bsp

    Declined rednu's Moderator Application

    Doesn't seem so with certain comments written in the application. My first impression of you is not a good one.
  4. Alex.bsp

    Resolved Fix backroom!

    Berke: I know why the problem is caused though it is very rare, I will fix it if I update the map for a major bug. Closing this thread for now.
  5. Alex.bsp

    How to make map?

    UEAKCrash, TopHATTwaffle, and 3kliksphilip have amazing tutorials on Hammer Editor that can help you get started. Extra resources and tools (More Advance): https://tf2maps.net/downloads/ultimate-mapping-resource-pack.510/ https://tf2maps.net/forums/tutorials-resources.57/...
  6. Alex.bsp

    My callout post on Oak and why he should be demoted

    What are you knuckleheads doing?!
  7. Alex.bsp

    Can you be punished for that?

    It's simple to do yah, but there are a lot of deathrun maps that have so many trigger hurts that you're able to avoid with the exploit. Too much effort for such a little bug. BUT I like this suggestion. I think this is a very good compromise. Also, I could be 100% wrong but won't this badly...
  8. Alex.bsp

    Can you be punished for that?

    This isn't even a deathrun/map issue though, it's a plugin issue since any map that has a trigger_hurt can sometimes be avoid by placing a sentry or dispenser over them with rtd. Best solution is to just remove build a sentry/dispenser roll from deathrun.
  9. Alex.bsp

    Can you be punished for that?

    Eh I guess? In hindsight it really isn't that big of an issue. If this is their first offense, it's not even worth punishing them since they probably didn't know better. If I was on there when it happened, I probably would have just destroyed the buildings and nothing more.
  10. Alex.bsp

    Pending Add koth_alleys_v1.0.1 suggestion

    What game mode/server do you want this map in particular?
  11. Alex.bsp

    News Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Thank you.
  12. Alex.bsp

    Declined ItzEnderArkail's Ban appeal

    This is the complete opposite of what I was expecting from you. I'm going to have to decline your appeal. Your computer, your responsibility.
  13. Alex.bsp

    Accepted 12gamers18's Moderator Application

    Congratulations! Welcome to the team!
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