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Minecraft Rules

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  • No Cheating/Hacking of any kind (top)

    This includes X-Ray Texture Packs, Mini maps that reveal players and Modified Clients. This does not include client-side mods, such as Optifine.

    No use of Vulgar, Offensive or Racist Language (top)

    Racism, vulgarity and bigotry will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    No Abusing/Exploiting (top)

    Now, there are certain exploits that we may be lenient towards, such as going above the nether ceiling to build gold farms. But exploits used solely for personal gains, such as duplicating items, are not allowed.

    No Griefing (top)

    This is not only limited to griefing server-specific areas such as spawn. Do not intentionally destroy someone else's property. Although faction raiding is allowed, yes, and through which a little destruction may be needed to enter someone's base to raid. The act of Griefing on its own to destroy someone's entire base is not.

    If you Over-claim someone else's land, then this does not apply. Over-claiming is a fundamental part of Factions.
    Once you claim it, it's yours.

    No Spamming the chat (top)

    This also includes posting links of any kind, malicious or otherwise. Don't do it.

    Treat people the way you expect to be treated (top)

    Treat players and staff with respect; don't go around insulting people or generally talk in disrespectful ways.
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