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Accepted Zombie Survival: Remove Altitude, CTF_Swamp, 2Fort_Cool, Pz_Downward and Pl_Polar suggestion

Mr. Walker

Spectacularly Lethal
Nov 8, 2019
Username: Pringle

Which map is the suggestion about? Zombie Survival: CTF_Swamp, 2Fort_Cool, Pz_Downward and Pl_Polar

What is supposed to happen to the map? Remove

Why do you want this map change? Before I tell you the reasons why these maps need to be removed, I have to clear out the confusion of the map Pl_Coal and Pl_Polar are the exact same map, it is just named differently within filenames.

I found out that much of the regulars and casuals did not receive most maps very well either because it is unbalanced or it has many flaws which roll around everytime it is played.

Remove Swamp because of it's poor framerate, constant use of graphical effects such as minimal fog and cubemaps and in addition the map has very bizarre clipping which makes spots more confusing to go in and defeat, plus there isn't many places to go out to defend either.

Remove 2Fort_Cool because of it's rather infamous godspot that is located inside red and blu intelligence rooms, many engineers lead others to get up with teleporters and dispensers and etc. plus the map has a very annoying maze-like tunnel basement which many engineers just run around to survive.

Pl_Polar offers nothing in terms of spots or any way for the engineers to survive, many areas where you can block off with dispensers are wide open and subseptible to going down because the map has too many flank routes, it is also very long.

Remove Pz_Downward, this one personally disheartens me because I worked on this edit in an attempt to bring better spots and balances that don't completely ruin said-spots, but it appears many people still aren't enjoying it because of it's confusing layout (to them anyways) and several extremely discreet areas that engineers can go in and win.

Remove Altitude, literally nobody likes this map because a lot of spots are too weak, too open-ended and it is very short, also it has an extremely broken godspot at the end of the map which is easy to get in and abuse.
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