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Update tfdb_rush_hour_v2b suggestion


Mar 14, 2020
Username: Weegeee

Which map is the suggestion about? tfdb_rush_hour_v2b

What is supposed to happen to the map? Update

Add a link to the updated map https://drive.google.com/file/d/17eI4xNC2GdCY4Eg5hSEiEqaTIXMeEyDC/view?usp=sharing

Why do you want this map change? Complete rework of rush hour, fixing a lot of problems players have with the current version of the map.

- no train, because the train caused lag at the start of every round
- map is now roughly the same size as blucourt, compared to before where it was extremely narrow
- lighting was off, this version is a lot more natural and better for the eyes
- the boundaries of the map were not well-defined, so there is now a clear wall to show where the edge of the playable area is
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