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Toxic Admins in 2fort instant respawn server exprience

pee boy

New Member
Jan 17, 2019
A day or so ago one and maybe two of your admins had a pretty interesting interaction with your players. a lot of accusations and insults were being thrown around on both sides but the biggest problem I had was when two of your admins ganged up and essentially bullied one of your players to leave your server. I had one of the admins muted and I was unable to unmute because he was in spectator mode (kerknor) so I had no idea what he was saying but judging by context clues he was maybe ganging up on a player with another admin. it started when said player made a snide remark "Jesus Christ are you my mom" to one of the admins, honey (I'm not entirely sure if she is an admin but my guess is she is) the situation kept escalating as both sides were going back and forth until it got to the point when both your admins bullied him out of the server as I said earlier. I'm only making this complaint because I genuinely care about that server and it would be ashamed if another situation like this were to occur, causing more players to not join black wonder servers and making the player count low and inconsistent.


Cutest Pie <3
Staff member
Dec 3, 2016
Do you have a demo of what happened? If not I implore you to record one next time to post as formal evidence, otherwise we can't corroborate your complaint on the administrative side.

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