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Thread about TF2 Tower Defense Tips


New Member
Aug 15, 2020
I want to start a small guide about giving some tips about Tower Defense since they're scarce. I'm still a beginner to this so any help to expand this is appreciated.
As of today, I found out that...

*Get your shotgun, pistol, and wrench out to fight the robots. You won't die to them. My deaths were because of fall damage and my own sentry attacks.
*Shooting the red target near the robots' entrance after the first wave will immediately start the next round. Doing so however will give your team bonus metal based on how many seconds left. Shoot it right away after the first round since the robots are weak. You need all the metal you can get from the first few waves. 1 second = 10 metal
*Use the chat not just to communicate but share metal. To do this, type !t "three letters of the recipient(doesn't have to be the first few)" "amount of metal" Ex.: !t sym 300
*Know the map well and place your first sentry/sentries to cover as much ground as possible in the beginning. If you're new, I recommend exploring for a bit.
*Upgrades (of both towers and paths) and Engineer towers are no joke. My mistake was not discovering the number of levels available. Buy the AOE or single Eng tower early. It will help save metal in the long run if you already have enough firepower.
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