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Read Me [TFDB] How to : Orbit


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Aug 18, 2019
What is an orbit ? :

In TF2 Dodgeball, there is a technique called Orbiting that allows you to make the rocket circle around you or as we call it, orbit.
It is very useful to save yourself if you miss the rocket or to safely hit the rocket if you feel like you won't be able to hit it directly.
The problem with this technique is that at a certain speed, the rocket will become straight and it will then be impossible to orbit.
Orbiting should be used only under 250 MPH on most servers.

How to do it :

Most people would say "SPAM WASD" to orbit.
This is the most primitive way of saying it, orbiting is a bit more complex than that. Even tho it's considered as a "noob" thing to do by the community.

This is the most primitive way of orbiting, walking in circle like this.
But there are ways to orbit better
Let's say the rocket is coming from your left, to start an orbit you will :

-Step to the right a bit so the rocket won't hit you directly
-Step to the left after the rocket goes behind you
-Then go backward

And the rocket should orbit you by itself. Here's how it looks like in video :

You should never start an orbit by going forward, by pressing w because the rocket will go straight to your back at higher speeds.
The key is to always go backward, try it and you will see it feels much better.
There is no need to do a full circle, you can just go a bit to the sides then press S and it will orbit.
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