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Declined Sirbanana's Moderator Application

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New Member
Sep 24, 2023
Username: Sirbanana


Your Age

Do you have at least 3 days cumulative days of playtime on Blackwonder servers in the last year? 3 days 3h [U:1:175891893]

Have you been punished in the last 60 days? No

Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Have you read the forum guide on how to apply? Yes

If you have ever played on a Blackwonder server, you will have had a user profile automatically generated on tfstats.tf. Locate and link your tfstats profile here. https://tfstats.tf/players/3630672


Your SteamID2

Your DiscordID

Have you managed servers previously? No

On what servers do you usually play on, and which servers would you like to moderate?
Mostly on VSH servers especially
Skyhigh Ressort UK (
Reservoir UK (
Reservoir US (
and a few dodgeball servers (here are 2 IP's of the one i play the most on
and i would really like to Moderate all of these servers since i really enjoy playing on all of these

Why would you like to become a moderator?
I would love to become a Moderator since i've encountered a few situations where people got racist or annoying for no reason at all and i couldn't do anything else but calling an admin. But yeah an admin might then take a few minutes before joining depending on who's avaible so i would love to be myself able to apply punishement that people diserve (Of course depending on what they did)

Do you know or have spoken to any of the current staff members? Yes

Please let us know the names of staff members you know or have spoken to
I have spoken many times to the Staff Ʀicky :3 on dodgeball players and i got his comfirmation that i can add his name here. He's a rlly sweet guy and i'd like to be as much respected as him as a Moderator

How often do you play TF2?
At least once a day for a few hours (not EVERY day but almost)

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the servers you want to moderate
Since i (yet) only want to moderate VSH and dodgeball players i would punish them in concequence of their acts.
which would include for dodgeball -->
Stealing someone's rocket (on EU servers) first a warning, if he continues i'd smite him, still doing then kick the player , still continuing i'd ban him for 6 hours straight because he would have enough warnings with all the rest. And then permanent ban if he refuses to understand.

Cross sniping (new rule added by my mate Ricky <3) Since that's something that new players won't be likely to do. I'll concider that if someone does it he knows what he did and would then kick him with the reason why. After that if he repeats then a 2 hours ban (still with reason why) after that a whole week ban. And then a permanent ban if he continues

Teamkill : new players might not be aware of it so i'd start with a simple warning for them. But if i see that the person is clearly not new and did it on purpose i would also warn him but with a messagge that says that the next time it's directly a whole day ban not even a kick before. and if after that it's repeated a permanent ban

Delaying the round : it all depends on how because we can now no longer make it turn around us infinitly long. but if someone somehow manage to find a way to delay the round i would first warn to stop, if it's repeated a kick, then a 6 hours ban, and then permanent one

For people blocking other players : i would firstly warn them if i see that it disturbs the other player, if he stays i would just Smite him. If after that he continues then no kick just a 1 day ban, and after that still continues it's a permanent ban

Exploit abusing.: i'll judge by myself on what lvl it's abusive as expoit and if i see thatt it just makes the game not funny anymore for every other player i would directly kick the player with reason. After that if it's repeated i would 1 week ban him and then permanent ban if he still continues

For what it comes to VSH -->
Not camping : if the saxton camps whole game long just hiding from all other players i would warn him to play otherwhise he would get kicked. if he doesn't min then i kick him with reason and if it's repated 1 week bans for every time it's repeated (after 4 bans of 1 week it would then be a permanent one) when it comes to the red side every class that isn't engineer is not allowed to camp for more than a minute without a valid reason (getting ammo boxes HP pots etc) and the engineer is allowed to camp for 2 minuts but if the stays at a spot where saxton has literaly no chances to win then i would warn the engineer to move of his place otherwise it's a smite. (if they repeat the campings i would then decide at the coming moment what i would do but i don't think that's something people would repeat)

Delaying the round : if i see that per example it's a soldier delaying by not attacking but just running away non stop then i would warn him to either fight or leave. if he doesn't care i would Smite him --> kick him if he continues then again the 4 times 1 week ban with a permanent ban at the end. Same thing for flare pyro's sticky bomb demo's or anything else that delays.

No being friendly : if the saxton is friend with the last player alive i would warn them to fight each other or both get kicked, then 6 hours banned then permanently banned. i do allow saxton and last player alive to fight each other through a RPS fight which is kind of friendly but at least it wont take too long.

(if any other punishement is requirement i'm always open mind to any suggestions)

Is there any other information you would like us to know about?
I am very friendly and open mind, i listen to everyone so no matter what someon's problem is i'll always be there to help as much as i can. I'm open to a lot of different humor kinds ( as long as they're not disturbing for other ppl for example racist jokes or sexist jokes). And yeah i think i might be really helpful as Moderator ^^

Are you proficient in languages other than English? Yes

Are you proficient in languages other than English? French, Dutch (and English of course)


Australium Deadshot
Staff Member


May 14, 2018
Hello there!
A Dodgeball and Versus Hale (henceforth shall be DB and VSH respectively in my post) application in one, bit surprising but let me do my part.


You're good on playtime.

-Chat logs seems mostly clean. You do have previous usage of the N word, which was back in 2020.
Would also like to mention that your usage of the word "fuck" might be a bit excessive. Especially considering from what I can see, you've only recently returned to our servers back in August after from what seems like nearly a year long break.

-Punishment history is clean, there are no previous punishments issued out, that includes Discord punishments as well.

Your way of punishing players seems a bit steep. Sometimes a bit too steep.
For example, down below:
Delaying the round : it all depends on how because we can now no longer make it turn around us infinitly long. but if someone somehow manage to find a way to delay the round i would first warn to stop, if it's repeated a kick, then a 6 hours ban, and then permanent one
Going from a kick to a perma ban for the 3rd occurence of delaying is something we never do. We'd slowly ramp it up like other punishments.
This type of mistake is understandable considering those that are not among our fleet of staff may not know how we operate. So feel free to look at some other applications, accepted ones preferably to see how we roughly handle punishments to get an idea about the way we operate, as long as it's not a copy paste of course. We don't like plagiarism.

You've given us examples to DB and VSH specific rule breaks, I'd like you to expand your application with general rule breaks, like micspamming, other voice chat and text chat related punishments, cheating, calladmin abuse, griefing others, etc. All that jazz. Feel free to look at all our rules by clicking on this link: https://blackwonder.tf/wiki/rules/

As for my personal input on this app:
I have never met you on DB or VSH as far as I know but that just means we most likely play at different times. So there's not much I can say regards your behaviour, that I would like to leave to Ricky, in case he wishes to have his own input.

This part I always like to mention regards applications:
What I would like to see more from you is:

1. Using our Discord, helping fellow community members out and using our #requesthelp channel in case of rule breakers actively breaking the rules on the server you're playing on at that point in time.

2. Using our forums to report rule breakers if you can't get immediate help through our Discord. Don't forget to provide sufficient evidence which can be screenshots in cases of chat related rule breaks or sprays and can be demos in cases of voice chat related rule breaks and cheaters.

Considering all that, good luck on your application and if you feel like modifying your app a bit, feel free to do so using the edit button at the bottom of the post.


The King of Fish
Staff Member
Dec 3, 2016
The account that was created (presumably for the purpose of this application) appears to have been promptly abandoned. Butler's feedback has gone unaddressed for months, and the applicant has not been seen on the forums in months either. User has also not logged any playtime since November.
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