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Declined sev's Mute appeal

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New Member
Jan 14, 2020
User name: sev

What is your type of punishment?

Where were you banned from? Servers

What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:61178144

Who has punished you?
Breezie, then continued by Wanka

Why were you punished?
Firstly (Breezie) by impersonating warden, which was for two weeks. This was a suitable ban due to the offence that I had and I was agreeing to wait for my mute time. The second time (Wanka), muted me for an extended two weeks, which now made the punishment a month long trial because of a faulty comm issue that allows you to talk at the beginning of the round. (I'm guessing that you are able to talk because the plugin needs time to startup)

Why should we revoke your punishment?
I am an active player on the Blackwonder Jailbreak server and in regards to being muted for a further month, I recognized why I had been muted by breezie. This extended mute time happened a day before I was going to be unmuted and it was really difficult for me to grasp that I now had to wait another two weeks for some rule I had never encountered or heard of. I didn't know any circumstances regarding that we couldn't speak at the start of a round since I had witnessed many others do it without punishment. Of course, before a WARNING, I was muted by Wanka for now longer than I had anticipated. This is just unfair because I had not heard of a rule where it is the SERVERS fault for allowing me being to talk at the start of the round. Wanka, if you could please unmute me and let me off with a warning that would be great. I obviously wouldn't have used my microphone if I was informed on the punishments involved before being muted.
Not open for further replies.
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