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Read Me Saxton Hale Rules - IN DEPTH Details

2010wolf | Blw.tf

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Jun 23, 2016
I'd like the admins to read this thread and suggest some changes if they thought of any, and tell us what they disagree about.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Since benedover deleted some thread that i wrote a whole lots of shit in about vsh rules, not knowing that i had some shit there, it doesn't matter anymore honestly, i thought of making it in here... ((Wooh wolf about time you did that))
i know it's been like fricken ages since loldielol's rules thread was deleted, but by the time i had knew that, i didn't have time to put the rules again, and when i did, i just started becoming lazy af or just forgot.

Anyways, here are the Saxton hale rules!!!!
Of course, we will keep in mind the general server rules, which are:

And then, we will mention the VSH rules, which are:
1- No camping as hale or regular player.
2- No friendly hales or regular players allowed.
3- No ghosting
4- No delaying rounds.

Now, as vague as these rules may seem, there are very specific cases where they are allowed and are okay to do.

First of all, No camping as hale or regular player.

First, let's define (camping)

Camping in general: Is for a player to stay in one spot for a long time (Around 8+ seconds) while that spot is unfit for his class or the current situation that is going on at the time. as well as going back to the same spot every too often.
The current situation may depend on ((The hale type, The hale's HP, The time, The amount of players alive, The classes of the players, Where the hale is at *At the time*, Where the players are at *At the time*.

Camping (For the saxton hale) is when the hale hides from the other players in a spot where he can attack or kill anyone who might come in the place he is hiding in, very easily, thus it just turns into a waiting game, instead of an actual saxton hale game

Camping (For the regular players) is when a player camps in a spot while playing as a class that is unfit for the current spot that he is hiding in, and also depends on the saxton hale's health.
As the Hale:
You may camp as the hale if you were the HHH and you are waiting for your teleport to be available again IN ORDER to be able to kill someone that is in a **Tight** spot, or you might die or lose lots of HP if you went there without the teleport.

As the Regulars:

((((((((OF COURSE we will always exclude engineers from this equation, or engineers with a pyro combo, as this is simply a teamwork act, or anything similar to this.))))))))

HOWEVER, you may not camp as the engineer in places where the saxton hale can't access, ALSO KNOWN AS "Exploiting"
For example, using the teleporter to access an area that is only accessible using the teleporter.

Morever, You may not camp as a regular as a scout (for example) in an unfit place, while there is a very short time is left before time runs out, and you are the last player alive, and you just wait there, just in hoped that a stalemate happens, instead of the hale winning.
Camping in an unfit spots in such a way as mentioned, is punishable. (since this happened to me before, and it was simply annoying, i thought it should be added.)

As a regular, you are able to camp most of the time without breaking the rules of course it depends on the hale's HP, the hale's type, The amount of time left, What class are you, and Where are you hiding.

For example: if you are a pyro in the tunnel in the dust_showdown map while you have the flare gun (Which does the most damage from far away) you can only do 90 damage pershot every 2 seconds (or you know... every time you are ready to shoot) and then switch to the flamethrower when he is near you, you can do a maximum of 1000- (Which would be a very good idea IF the hale was on low health)
If the pyro decided to jump with the flare at the end of the tunnel and re-do the whole thing again, it would be a huge waste of time. thus it would be a huge favor if you let him kill you, or kill yourself.

IN the same situation, if the hale had 15K health or so, it would be a waste of time, and an inefficient way of killing the hale.

HOWEVER, In the same situation, if you are a medic, equipped with the crossbow, you can do around 2K+ damage, and maybe even 3K+ damage if you were able to goomba stomp the hale at the end of the tunnle. and then try and re-do the whole cycle again. (which is very hard)
In this case, it is not a huge waste of time, since you do a lots of damage in an efficient way.

SOOOOOOOOOO here we see that the class will make a huuuuuge difference.


Second, No friendly hales.
You cannot be friendly to other players as the saxton hale for more than 10 seconds+ or else you will or might get slayed right away, if you are lucky, you might get warned by a timebomb.

You also cannot be friendly towards the hale, as a regular player.

In some cases however, you as "Hale" can be friendly to other players if you wish to with some minor conditions.

I cannot explain this without making an example, so please... bear with me.

Now imagine this, You are playing in the military map, you are the hale, there are 3 players alive, you have 4000 Health, and there are 4 mins left, There is that really annoying scout that you tried to catch before but you couldn't, and he is a really good scout too, there is a heavy camping in the tower, and a spy roaming around, trying to attack you with his pistol.

So, for the mean time you have 2 active problems, the spy that's attacking you from far away, and the really annoying to deal with scout, the heavy isn't that big of a deal since he is camping in the tower, thus you ignore him.
While you were hunting down for the scout (In order to prevent him from getting the mini-crits OR the crits, since he will be much harder to kill while he has it.) you saw the heavy get down from the tower, unaware of where you are, and you can kill him pretty easily, but you decide not to kill him, even tho he was next to you, instead you keep hunting for the scout.

You finally kill the scout, while the spy is attacking you from far away in the process, you lose 2K HP. you have 2K HP left.
You spot the spy next to you, but you ignore him, in order to prevent the heavy from earning that sweet 100% crits that will mow you down, you search for the heavy, and find him in the tower, he spots you, you try to middle with him, and finally get in the tower and kill him.

Now you have 1000 HP left from the process, and 30 seconds left, you then hunt down for the spy, which will be easy, since his attack power isn't strong. you kill him easily with or without the rage. and you win, barely before the time runs out.

Thus, from this example, i would like to prefer being friendly in this situation to simply "Ignoring" the players.


Third, No ghosting.
Ghosting is when you are ***DEAD*** and you tell the *Regular players* where is the hale is at, or to tell the *Hale* where are the *Regular players* are at or what class are they.

However, at some points, it's completely okay.

For example, if there was an engi, with all of his buildings at level 3 (*Except the teleporter at level 1 or more*) and it is VERY obvious that he is waiting for the saxton hale to come find him and attack him, WHILE there aren't many players left (less than 3) ONLY THEN it's Okay to tell the hale where is that engi is at. (Moreover, it's okay to ghost where he is at, if the engi himself told the hale to come find him, or even asked the question ("Where are you hale?" or "Where is the hale?")

After the engi's nest is destroyed, and he was able to escape with his teleporter (Or any means of escaping, including RTD), it's forbidden to ghost where he is at, as you might be punished by a ban for interfering with the game for such a sensitive class like the engi, since the engi is one of the most classes that uses *Camping* to his advantage.
If the saxton hale and the last player alive (for example a scout or a soldier, excluding the engi) are actively searching for each other, it's okay to ghost "where is the last player", as well "where is the saxton hale"

You also have to be careful, as some veteran saxton hale players might take advantage of what you might say in chat, for example ""OOOH how did you get up there??"" Which might give a hint to the hale that someone might have gone to that one spot that such a comment might make sense, thus counts as ghosting, that's why you have to be careful of what you say.

Also, Ghosting about the class of the players, Let's say there was this one last guy alive, the hale **Might** not know what class is he (Let's say for this example it's a spy that want's to trick the hale) if you said in chat anything that identifies the player's class, that is also ghosting, but it's not as bad as the first one, a simple warning will be told, if happened again afterwards, a simple 1 hours or less ban.


Finally, No Delaying round:
Same rules apply for (No camping) as camping will result in a delay anyways.
Same rules also apply for (No friendly hales) as they too will result in a delay anyways.

If you are the hale, and there is a person camping somewhere, and you know where he is at, and you don't go and try to kill him, simply because he is """"CAMPING"""" Thus, you are delaying the round, and you may get timebombed if you don't try to actively attack him or hunt him down.

These rules may get updated sooner or later, since i'm pretty sure there are some things that i forgot to add to this list, good luck folks. and have fun!

PS: Calling a hale noob after he activates the impossible mode is punishable by death in real life.

On a serious note: As simple as the saxton hale mode may seem, there are actually very specific and many things that may happen that needs you to have experience in the game in order to get to know what's okay and what's not.
Thus it's kinda hard to give out all of the examples and similar things that may seem not okay, but they are actually okay, and not against the rules.
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2010wolf | Blw.tf

Wooh, Sick airshot duuuuude!
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Jun 23, 2016
I won't lie, I doubt anyone is going to read a rules thread that takes 6 swipes on my phone to scroll through.
Honestly, all i care about is... IT'S THERE, so no one can really complain about that it's not there, or whatever.

NOT TO MENTION, some players might need to read this as it's their first time playing this game mode... yeah.
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