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Declined Santos's Admin Application

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Mildly Menacing
Jun 3, 2018
User name: Santos


Your Age


Your SteamID

Have you managed servers previously? No

Which servers have you previously managed? none

On what servers do you usually play on? blackwonder SG jb, SG hightower no carts, SG turbine mostly servers that are located in singapore

Why would you like to become an admin? i like to become admin so that i can help people in the server in anyway i can even if its a freekiller,mic spammer,hacker etc and to punish them for their actions and give the other admins some breathing room when there busy with something else and give hope to people on the singapore servers that there will always be an admin there to help them in anyway they can and because of the community of blackwonder it gives me motivation to be an admin

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members? Yes

If you do know and have spoken to any staff members, please tell us their names mark

When are you usually available to play? for now i can play almost everyday until its august 30 (cause that's when my school day will start) 10 am-2 pm and 4 pm-6 pm and 8 pm - 9 pm PHT unless i'm tired i'll be offline on 7 pm until tomorrow morning again. at weekends it depends if my family has to go somewhere or nah

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the game modes you play ( GENERAL RULES )

CHEATING: When the "cheater" is in the server i'll spec 1st with recording and see if there is anything suspicious about it when he is hacking i'll give a perma ban on the hacker and if at 1st hacker doesn't show any suspicious movement i'll save the recording and show it to other admins and talk about if he is hacking or not

ADVERTISING HACKS: either pic or record the spam and show to other admins and place a perma gag on the player who advertised it.

MIC SPAMMERS/VOICE CHAT SPAMMERS: the spammer will be given 2 warnings in voice chat. if he still continues the following punishments apply

1 hour gag/mute, 1 day gag/mute, 2 day gag/mute, 1 week gag/mute, 1 month gay/mute, permanent gag/mute

RACISM: 1 day mute/gag will not tolerate any racism in the server even if its being use as a joke. following punishments apply

2 day gag/mute

1 week gag/mute

1 month gag/mute

Permanent gag/mute

NSFW sprays: 1 week ban for the player who owns the spray and perma spray ban



FREEDAY ABUSING: ask them 1st to stop if they still continue doing it slay

AMMO GLITCHING: Ask them 1st to stop doing it but if they don't listen to the warning i'll give them a 1 day ban and if they still continue doing it the time of the ban increases

EXPLOITING/GLITCHING: tell them to stop doing that if they keep doing it slay them but if they still do give a 1 day ban
timer for ban increases if he continues doing it


FREEHITTING: ask if why they are freehitting must give a valid reason and if they still continue give them a slay

FREEKILL: slay the person who freekilled and revive the one who got freekill if he still continues to freekill ban him for 1 day and if it still continues time for ban increases

MASS FREEKILL: if the freekiller/s is still alive slay them 1st then perma team ban them

NO MIC'S: perma team ban unless they talked again on the mic if they didn't talk when i was mic checking

AFK ON BLU: talk to them 1st in vc if they are there if not give a 30min teamban

ARMORY CAMPING: ask them to leave the armory if they don't leave in a specific amount of time slay them and give a 30 min teamban if continued timer of ban increases

ROAMING BLU: if the warden didn't say u can hunt for rebellers i'll tell them to be with warden if they don't go back 2 warden in a specific amount of time slay them if continued give a 30 min teamban if they still continue the timer for ban increases


GIVES AN ILLEGAL ORDER OR DOES AN ILLEGAL DAY: tell the warden 1st he cannot do that but if he continues on with it slay the warden

GIVES A TRICKY ORDER: tell the warden to say it more properly that can be understand by everyone if he continues doing it slay the warden

ILLEGAL FF: if anyone got killed slay warden and turn off ff if he continues with the illegal ff 1 hour teamban and if they still continue the time for the ban increases

Is there any other information you would like us to know about? since i don't have school day yet i can play everyday but when school day start my schedule will be different when i play games even if its weekends cause of the projects the school might do for us students but for now i can help in anyway i can
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Edgy American Kid
Staff member
Dec 3, 2016
A proper level of english is very important, most notably as a JB admin, which I do not see reflected in this application to be of a high enough standard.

Punishments are too vague.



Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Aug 7, 2016
Hi Lance!

I must say that I was looking forward to your app. I am always hopeful that we will add more staff who frequent SG servers. However, I ran into a problem when doing a quick search of your very recent chat logs. And due to this we cannot currently select you as an admin to represent blackwonder. We must decline your app for now.

I hope you have a great weekend


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