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Read me please!

Duck Lurch

Mildly Menacing
May 22, 2017
First of all, I introduce myself. My name is DuckLurch (Jan). I have been admin a while ago and it was a lot of fun. Many hate me but I am a nice guy. If I am a bid grinchy or loud etc. I am doing it most time because I have FUN. Having fun is an important thing you need on the BW community because on many servers are guys who ruin the game. We must accept those people because they are just humans too :). But there is a thing in context with this, the admin activity. Since I play on the community I always had fun but I saw how many people I know left the community because of the for e.g. mass free killer. We have to change this! The activity must be more! In general, we have a lot of nice and polite admins but there are still a few that are a bid rude especially to new people. We have to accept them how they are! In some cases, admins must be more let's say "aggressive" with punishments. I fully understand that you favourize people you like more but in my opinion, it should be fair for everyone! I think that's all if you have any questions please write me through Steam or below this thread. Thank you for reading!


Sufficiently Lethal
Jun 16, 2018
Damm man where have you been? You're been quiet for a while, then removed me, made your profile private and disappeared. Got a little worried about you lol.
And yes I agree on the favoritism, equality is important...

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