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Accepted Puddin''s Ban appeal

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Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Sep 28, 2015
IP address:

What's your username?

What is your type of punishment?

Where were you banned from? Servers

What is your SteamID?

Who has punished you?
Benedevil, Jim, Will, Buster, FishCrimes (maybe?), GRXD, Miyu, Silorak, Lucas (maybe again?)

Why were you punished?
Hacking, toxicity, ban evading.

Why should we revoke your punishment?
I'm banned from Discord as well but I can't select multiple choices.

I'm fairly sure about how this appeal will end but I'm still giving it a shot because I figure it won't hurt.

I've been banned from Blackwonder for 2 years now (if you start counting from the very first ban I got). I was banned in the first place in part due to a shitty wallpaper joke I made which looking back now I realize I shouldn't have done seeing as how it could be qualified as just adding fuel to the fire and I didn't really have a reason to do that. I was also repeatedly banned for hacking which I don't do, never did and don't plan on doing.

I was also fairly toxic towards admins, players and the community in general which at the time seemed like a "good" idea due to the way I was being treated by those individuals, specifially an ex-admin but I realize now that maybe if I had dealt with that situation in a different manner, maybe I wouldn't be posting this ban appeal. Again.

Lastly, I ban evaded. Quite a lot, actually and while I can explain why I did that, it makes no difference here since it's still a broken rule.

I really did quite enjoy playing on Blackwonder servers back before all this happened and I'd like to be able to play again because as much as Harpoon.tf's Trade server is fun, it isn't the good ol' Minecraft Trade server I had grown accustomed to.

I don't really do apologies well but I'd like to apologize to any staff member or player that I might've insulted or been detrimental in any way, shape or form.

I'll understand if this appeal gets declined but, again, I figure it won't hurt to give it another shot at clearing up this whole issue and hopefully putting it behind me. I do feel quite bad about this whole thing and all the comments I made about the community back then but, and this isn't a dismissal of guilt in my part, I felt quite targetted by some admins I won't name because it would serve no purpose in this appeal.

Thanks for reading this wall of text. Again.


Software Engineering Student
Staff member
Oct 24, 2016
Just because I can.
There were times I thought you were cheating, but at the time I feel like I was easily influence-able, because of reasons. (To clarify, I retracted my opinion on that soon after)
You did ban evade for quite a while, but while evading, you didn't do anything wrong (apart from evading, to my knowledge).
I wish you good luck with your ban appeal.


a byte
May 9, 2017
Hey, here to put my 2 cents. I would like to vouch for the appellant. He's been a member of my very own discord for quite some time now (about 9 months give or take). Without trying to seem too biased, I can see that he has definitely improved just from my time with him and how he acts on my discord. I know this doesn't exactly paint a picture and I don't have much proof other than my own word, but from what I've read here and how he acts now, I can say he has good intentions. I would also just like to clarify that I didn't exactly know Puddin' that much from my time of being an admin, just little rumors. After I retired I was introduced to him and he joined my discord. He helps from time to time and is fun to talk to. I have also played against him and with him in many games and can say he is gifted mechanically, enough for it to be perceived as hacks. And before any of you go on and tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about, I don't really know or care about the whole story from the past. Evidently it has been 2 years and I've seen people change in a fraction of that time. I can understand anyone holding grudges or the likes but after 2 years you can let bygones be bygones (as long as there is no hacking evidence because if I remember correctly, blackwonder doesn't unban hackers). In conclusion, I ask any admins or ex-admins who were hurt or hold a grudge against the appellant to have a fresh perspective on this, but if you are unable to, I can also understand that. And to the appellant, I wish you luck. (And yes, I know it's been a while to those who know me, I only came to put my opinion. Do what you will with it. Good day :coffee:)


Freezing touch
Staff member
Oct 8, 2017
Hello, Puddin'.
If I remember, we played dodgeball couple of times and you lost. lul
Anyway, you have mad skills, I didn't notice any cheating related moves while playing against you.
I have re-watched my old demo of you playing as sniper and everything looked normal to me.

So, I wish you good luck with your ban appeal.


Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Sep 28, 2015
Hello Puddin,

as I strongly believe that people can change during the course of time, I am willing to give you a shot again.
I hope you learnt from your past mistakes and that we can treat each other more peacefully in this environment.

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