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Read Me Please read before posting

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Holy Buckets
Jan 20, 2016
Please ensure you follow the guidelines posted on this thread, if these guidelines aren't followed then it may result in your report being locked.

First off please read the following;

1. Make sure the person you are reporting hasn't already been reported.
2. It is REQUIRED to follow the format posted on this thread when reporting a player or other for reporting an administrator.
3. Make sure you have sufficient evidence before making a report, we usually cannot do anything without evidence. (Click here for how to record a demo). Screenshots of console logs are not considered valid proof and are grounds for a report to be declined due to how unreliable they can be.
4. When reporting a player please make sure you have their Steam ID! We cannot do anything without it.
To find out their Steam ID, open the console in-game and type in status to bring up a list of players online, along with their Steam IDs once you have it paste it in the format we request you to post in.
5. Keep thread titles clean IE [report]Username offensive language - doesn't result in thread lock, but would be appreciated.

You can report a user by clicking on the link pointed out by the arrow

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