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[Photoshop] How to create a simple 2D cover for your Blackwonder profile


Dec 27, 2017
Hey there,

in this guide I want to show you, how you can create a sexy looking cover for your Blackwonder profile.

Adobe Photoshop (I use the latest version)
Basic knowledge from shadows (you'll know what I mean when you read this guide)
A font you like

Before I'll start explaining, take a look at the finished version below:

Finished Result.png

! If you want to create a cover for Blackwonder, please use my template! I've already added the guides. Also, your profile picture will overlap into the cover. I've marked it in the template too. !
  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. Create a new project. For a Blackwonder Cover use a height of ~ 206 px and a width of ~ 782 px. Or download my template.
  3. Use the text tool to write your name or a text you want. I'll use the font Casual Friday. If you don't like the fonts you have, make sure to take a look at this site. There are a lot of free fonts you can choice from.
  4. Align your text in the center of your project. If your text looks like this, then you are good to go.
  5. Select your text. Press CTRL/STRG on the text layer. You'll see an outline on your text.
  6. Go to Edit and select 'Define Brush Preset...'. This will create a brush with your font.
  7. Define Brush.png
  8. Press 'OK'. You don't have to change something there.
  9. Deselect your current selection (Select > Deselect).
  10. Create a new layer.
  11. Now we need to create 2 guides. A horizontal and a vertical one (View > New Guide...)
  12. Move both guides in the center of your project. The guides are in the middle when they 'snap'. You'll notice it.
  13. Select the 'Pen tool' [Shortcut P].
  14. Zoom in the middle of your project.
  15. Create a point in the center. It's the point where both of the lines cross each other.
  16. Zoom out.
  17. Press shift to create the next point with a 45° angle.
  18. Put the next point under your picture. This should look like this.
  19. Right-click on the path you've created. Select 'Stroke Path'. Make sure you have the font-brush selected and use black as your foreground color!
  20. Stroke Path.png
  21. Press 'OK'.
  22. You can remove the path now. Select the Pen tool [P] and press ESC twice to do that.
  23. Put the layer with the shadow now under your text.
  24. Change the opacity of the shadow to ~ 40-60%. It's up to you how bright/dark you want it to be.
  25. Now all we have to do is 'clear' the shadow. That's what I meant above with 'shadow-knowledge'.
  26. Use the 'Polygonal Lasso tool' [Shortcut L]
  27. Select now all the shadows which don't fit in. It can be a little bit hard to find them.
  28. Shadows.PNG
  29. Also, fill in the missing spots.
  30. Result.png
  31. Now you can either let it be like this or add some details.
  32. Finished Result.png
Cover Upload.png

If you have any questions, feel free to write them down below or add me on Steam. There are ways to use / combine this method.

Enjoy ^-^.
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