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Does work?

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Dec 17, 2017
Yes, it is. Also you don't need to use caps like that. I know you'll have some very understandable questions. Next you'll say...

"What is this contest about?"
"What do I win in the end?"
"When does the contest end?"
"Aren't you the idiot that made a thread for a porn channel in the dis..."

Yes. I'll just get to the point now. This is a contest for only the truest form of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fan. A pose identification contest. All good Jojo fans know who made what pose, so I'm putting you all to the test. Enclosed is a poster that is currently in progress that was handcrafted by yours truly in Source Filmmaker. Your job is to properly link what mercenary is doing who's pose.

Let me get some ground rules in:

1. You must PM me your answers. Putting them as a comment in this thread will disqualify you from this contest and I'll tell someone that you were being a bad boy.

2. There is no specific way to submit your results except for the fact that you must list at the very least the references in order from left to right. The order goes as follows: Pyro, Engineer, Spy, Heavy, Sniper, Scout, Soldier. Demoman, and Medic.

3. Please do not pm others the answers. Obviously you would have a lower chance at winning if you did so.

4. I will not correct you if you get any of them wrong.That would just turn this into a guessing game. Not a true test of Jojo knowledge.

But what do you win in the end? You get nothing. Just kidding. I will reward the winner with an item for Team Fortress 2. The item will be an all class melee weapon signifying your undying love for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure references.

The winner will randomly be selected to win the grand prize with all the other correct participants having a chance at a little bit of a smaller prize depending on my budget.

The contest will end at 00:00 EST US on January 27th 2018. Good Luck, and Have Fun.

The final poster will be posted after the winner is decided in the #art channel on the BlackWonder discord.

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Wicked Nasty
Mar 1, 2017
I only watch hentai, not anime. Sorry.
Dec 17, 2017
Congratulations to all 2 of you that actually entered. At least we know now that the Jojo plague is well contained here. However, only 1 of you got it right. Big round of morally questionable applause to the winner: @Frootz for correctly answering all of the poses right. @hey ya came in a close second, with only 1 incorrect answer. I will contact you and get ahold of your steam accounts to reward you each with your respective prizes.
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