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Ideas for NEW Heavy Weapons


Spectacularly Lethal
Staff Member
Sep 29, 2019
I'm still waiting for Heavy update, for my one of the favourite class and the biggest playtime as him.
There are so many workshop items for heavy, but most of them are just a new minigun or another sandwich.
I have 4 NEW concepts for this class that i had in my head and i really wanna hear your opinion on them.

1. Tommy gun

This gun looks so good for heavy. I think it can be very good for replacing minigun for changing his gameplay style with more ability.

2. Russian's flag


It's the secondary weapon's slot, replacing sandwich and shotgun
The idea for this "weapon" is to give Heavy more team support. It's like like the Buff Banner for soldier, but it works differently and more interesting.

  • Left mouse click waves a flag
It gain to teammates in a radius some of the special buffs.
And one of my idea:

- All enemies that enter the flag's radius instantly gane Market for Death.
On active all teammates in a radius use a "Battle cry" voice command (
2 )
  • Right mouse click sticks the flag into the ground
The heavy place a flag on the ground and it stays there for some time with the Flag´s radius active, but now heavy can use his primary and melee.

3. Big Hammer

Heavy doesn't has any good damage and range melee weapons. As a giant man he deserves one.
My idea for this weapon is:
- Weapon has more longer range.
- Heavy takes less push force on active.
- Deals MASSIVE damage on hit.
- Push enemies on hit.

4. Extra slot

I think it's a great way to buff heavy's shotgun and himself.

So what you think about my ideas? What is your opinion about my concepts? Does they look good or i'm just crazy?
I really wanna see your opinion.
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Console |

Indian Tech Support
Staff Member
May 25, 2019
All these concepts just sound like you want Heavy to be a mini Saxton Hale all the time :p Well, all but the Tommy Gun, which made me laugh when I saw the photos, as Heavy is clearly holding a PPSh-41. It does sound like a cool idea, maybe not a new weapon with a different stat set, but rather a reskin of an already existing minigun? Although, a gun like that wouldn’t really fit the personality of Heavy and his big miniguns that he adores to death.

10000 Cold Knights

The Inheritor
Staff Member
Feb 20, 2019
The PPsh would be a nice secondary weapon, we haven't really seen much other than shotguns and random food items in that slot.
Potential idea for a heavy melee like this:
+On hit: knockback on target
+Crits whenever it would normally mini-crit, 150% increased critical damage.
Alt fire: Slam the ground, damaging and knocking back all nearby enemies
-20% Melee Attack Speed
-50% slower deploy speed (holster speed would remain the same).
-No RaNdOm CrItS
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