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Read Me How to Record a Demo

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Feb 24, 2016
Because a lot of people seem to be too incompetent to provide legitimate proof when submitting reports about players/donators/admins, I felt this thread was necessary as I got tired of seeing "record a demo like this"

Demos are GOOD examples of evidence. Better than your Fraps recording YouTube video. Why is this? Demo files are tiny. In the single digit MB range. We can still execute console commands during them - status - safeguarding false reports with "here's an ID and evidence, now ban". Demos can be skipped through tick by tick, and with free movement, we can fly behind walls to see what's happening outside of your view. Use them.

>Recording a Demo
- Type 'record demoname' into your console - You should see "Recording to demoname.dem"

- Type 'status' in console once recording for a list of Steam IDs/users that were present. This records into your demo.
- Once enough evidence is recorded, type 'stop' in console and you should see the finished message say -
"Completed demo, recording time 3.2, game frames 203."

Your demo file should save to your TF2 install location, mine is - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf

Demo files ARE NOT video files, like an avi or mov. They do not contain pure video. They do not go on YouTube etc. Use an actual file host so we can download it.

Upload your demo to a file host like Dropbox or Mediafire, or even here on the forums (yes demos are small enough to do that.) and link them in your report.


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May 26, 2016
Yo, I'm adding some things I posted elsewhere. Oh, and should this thread be in 'guides' as well as or instead of in 'reports'?

Unless you are recording a replay instead of a demo, you can't really shorten the footage without using external programs.

There are, however, many quality-of-life commands that can be used to navigate demos way better, such as:

(in console)
demoui - (or just pressing shift+F2) will open a really nice demo navigation UI, which can be used to fast forward, pause and jump to specific 'ticks' of the demo, which is essentially the time elapsed of the recording. If you're making a report you can fast-forward through it until you find evidence of the rule being broken, then state the respective tick in the report itself so anyone watching can type this tick into the 'GoTo' box and be taken directly to the right part of the demo. The UI also allows you to change camera perspective with the 'drive' button. The controls for this are shit though.

sv_cheats 1 - Does nothing to help the demo on its own, but will let you activate other really useful commands such as
thirdperson - puts you in third person duh
glow_outline_effect_enable 1 - essentially gives you wallhacks in the demo. You can see all players through the map and it makes it really easy to spot a hacker, for instance (they lock onto people through walls).

Courtesy of @Zeprus :
hidepanel all - applies to spectators and removes the brown borders at the top and bottom of the screen, giving you the full fov. Particularly useful when watching suspected hackers, especially snipers.
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