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How to deal with the racist Valve bots.


Jan 2, 2020
This is a Guide of how to deal with these bots that are running around on casual.

You probably remember the Cat-Bots from 2018, but now they are back, but in another level.

1) How to deal with the [Valve]N-wordKillers bots?

- Don't play koth, they are mostly on king of the hills servers, and rarely on other servers.
- Don't let them invite their other bot friends, if their bot friends joinded, simply leave and search for another casual.
- Play on servers that has a lot of active moderators.

2) How to deal with the bots that spams and copy's names.

- Simply change your name and ask to vote kick the bot that stole your name.
- Scroll up the chat until you find the bots name, and then vote kick them.

3) (Bonus) How does [Valve]N-wordKillers bots works?

So, these bots are just cat bots but in another level, here is a video that will explain how they work :

I recommend watching till the end of the video

please reply if this guide was helpful.


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Jan 16, 2019
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Tony The Fat Fluffy Wolf

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Nov 30, 2016
Changing your name does little to help, considering that within the time it takes you to change your own name, they would of switched to a different name. An easier way to deal with name changing bots, is to kick them using a player's UserID. This can be found using the status command in the console.


So for example my UserID above is #3231. A Player's UserID remains the same regardless of how many times they change their name or team, until they disconnect from the server. Knowing their UserID you can then kick them even if they change their name.

Use the status command a couple of times and keep an eye on the UserIDs. You'll see two people with the same name each time you do this. Each time, one of them will always have the same UserID.

In Valve Servers they use the vote menu system to start a vote. This however is not the only way to start a vote.
Typing the command callvote kick UserID will start a vote to kick that person.

The same can be done in Community servers. Both using the
callvote command, and using the sourcemod varent sm_votekick UserID.

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