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Grizzly's SFM Poster Requests!

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Hunky Chunk of Love
Staff member
Sep 5, 2016
Hey guys, after posting recently in the other SFM thread and finding a nice few posters I have done in the past, I decided to make a request thread for the community of Blackwonder. Please follow the template below in order to submit a request!


Map/Black Void:
Location on map:
Weapons (If any):
Cosmetics (+Style if you want specifics):
Unusual/Killstreak effects:
Pose/Action (Can be custom or not):
Camera shot (Face, Upper Body, Full Body, etc. You can say things other than what I listed.):
Facial Expression:
Background (This may be left blank if you want nothing there besides the map):
Foreground (Never really worked with this so it's up to you whether you want me to try this):
Editing (Overlay, text, other features, etc.):


To give you an idea of my work, I created an album where you can see some of the posters I've made which I'm the most proud of. Click here to view it!

If you make a request, please add me on Steam here so I can notify you of when your poster is complete.

Payment is not required. The posters will be made regardless of whether or not you pay me and the only benefit of paying is giving me the incentive to work on it a bit faster. Once again, payment is optional.

One important thing to note: Seeing as I am a lot more busy than I used to be, I am obviously quite limited with time. Therefore, I'd like to request that a maximum of two people have active requests at a time. Once there is only one person or no people waiting for a poster, you may make a request. However, if two people are waiting for a poster, wait for a space to open. Any requests made while two requests are active will be discarded and will have to be requested again once a space is available.

I'm not certain how long I'll be able to do this as I do need to study, but the posters will take time, but not too much time. When I start properly studying I'll have about 4-5 hours of free time a day, and I don't plan on using it all for the sake of SFM. Please take my life into consideration before complaining about the duration.

DasMalzbier| Lazy Panda

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Staff member
Jun 24, 2016
Map/Black Void: VSH Military Area
Location on map: on top of the 2 tanks (red and blue, near the capture point)
Class(es): Soldier
Team: Red
Weapons (If any): Liberty Launcher
Cosmetics (+Style if you want specifics): Team Captain, Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe, Coldfront Curbstompers
Paint: (Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe) - Radigan Conagher Brown | (Coldfront Curbstompers) - A Distinctive Lack of Hue
Unusual/Killstreak effects: (Team Captain) - Scorching Flames | (Coldfront Curbstompers) - Death at Dusk
Pose/Action (Can be custom or not): like the taunt "Fresh Brewed VIctory", but instead the sack you see him standing on the head of Saxton (with his body) and instead of his cup he holds the rocket launcher. And he doesn't drink his rocket launcher (lol), but he holds it vertical to the ground
Camera shot (Face, Upper Body, Full Body, etc. You can say things other than what I listed.): Full shot of Saxton and the soldier from a slightly above position in front of both.
Facial Expression: As easy as it's get: no expression/standard expression of soldier
Background (This may be left blank if you want nothing there besides the map): well, we have a map, and there is stuff behind he container. So no extra background, just palace both of them on the containers and it's all good.
Foreground (Never really worked with this so it's up to you whether you want me to try this): Also none.
Editing (Overlay, text, other features, etc.): (text): one Soldier, one Saxton, 22k Health, 9 Minutes.

If there are any uncertainties please say so
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Alleviator of freedom
May 26, 2016
Ooh, neat

Map: cp_gorge_event, the amazing halloween map
Location on map: The huge living area that doubles as the last point, perhaps by the railing
Class: Medic
Team: BLU
Weapons: if you can make it work, perhaps the vaccinator, but don't stress it
Cosmetics: Vintage Tyrolean, Blighted Beak, Medical Monarch
Paint: All black
Unusual effects: Dead Presidents on both hats
Pose/Action: Perhaps something like this ancient workshop image? https://i.clouds.tf/ehlo/1w0y.PNG Or leaning against the railing?
Camera shot: Upper body, preferrably with the character in the foreground and the beautiful room in the background
Facial Expression: He's wearing a mask :(
Editing: What you feel like :D

2010wolf | Blw.tf

Wooh, Sick airshot duuuuude!
Staff member
Jun 23, 2016
Here is a thing.
once you have around 5 or 8 (oh however many people you want) people that you made a poster thingy for them, "IF" it's okay, bring them all together and put them in a poster + my request which i will ask you right now, so that's a total of 6 or 9 (or however many people you want) people.
When you bring them all together, maybe try and put them exactly as the same pose as their previous requests.

These are the cosmetics:
Also, why do i need to type everything out? can't i just take a screenshot? unless i really need to type them because you need me to, in that case just PM me or whatever and i will edit this post.

My request:

The *berlin brain bowl's* color is " Indubitably Green "
The *Mecha-Medes's* color is " Australium Gold "
Team: Red
Map: cp_coldfront
Facial Expression: HE IS WEARING MAAAAAAASK!!!! #feelsbatman
He will be standing in the middle of the red controlpoint at the red base. (oh and make sure the "RED" logo that's above the control point is visible.
With his "Right hand"
He will pat his mecha-medis with his index finger from the front of his neck or on the back of his head with all of his fingers.
OR just put a robo-sandvich on the medic's hand, while his hand is open and his back of his hand is facing the ground, and make the mecha-medes look down at the robo-sandvich as if he wants to eat it.
With his "Left hand" he will be holding down the " Crusader's Crossbow " aiming it at the camera while looking forwards OR looking downwards (at the camera if you will take it from that angel)
Make sure the "Meet the medic taunt" effect is active, the white glowing that goes under the medic, you can keep or remove the birds that come out if you want.
Camera shot:
make the whole body appear, take the shot while looking upwards at the medic while the camera is on the ground (ground level-ish) or something like this.

Either make the medic's head and crusader's crossbow point and look at the camera, or just look a little bit above the camera, or forwards, or forwards while the camera is like this
The text:
above the medic, or on the top of the screenshot, just put " One bird, One medic, Countless enemies " or " one bird, one medic, that's all it takes. "

ALSO, please upload both pictures, with and without the text.

Thankiiiiiiiiiiiiiies *also i added you to donate some sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeet*
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