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Games you recommend

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I watch you sleep c:
Staff member
Apr 18, 2016
Now i sometimes have the problem, i don't know which game i should try on steam..
So you are asked now!
Suggest your games you think are worth trying.

Reply like this:

Game:[Game name]

Genre:[FPS, simulator etc.]

Price:[Price of game]

Your Rating:[Scale from 1-10 1 is worst 10 is best]

Your description: [Why do you like it/want us to try it?]

Steam link:[Link to the game]

So people can check this thread when they need a new game.


I watch you sleep c:
Staff member
Apr 18, 2016

Genre: Indie, Simulation

Price: 9,99€

Your Rating: 7,5

Your description: Omnibus is a fun indie game where you take place as several different busses and have to complete missions. It's a Pixelated world with amazing soundtrack and is not high demanding on your PC. For me there are too few levels, but apparently it took me about 4-5 hours to complete. still worth trying if you are a fan of funny physik games.

Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/415740/

DasMalzbier| Lazy Panda

Tfw ab0se is not an allowed title word
Staff member
Jun 24, 2016
Game:Magicka and Valkyria Chronicles

Genre:Humor, Action, Magick, Fantasy, RPG, Co-Op and Anime, Strategy, Round Based, RPG, War

Price: 10€, but I recommend bying some DLCs and 20€

Your Rating: 9/10 and 7,5/10

Your description: Magicka is just an awesome game. You play as a wizzard who is up to save... his sausage. And while he's at it, the world too. All while people expect him to die. In the game, you have access to 8 Elements: Water, Heal, Shield, Frost, Thunder, Plasma, Earth and Fire. You can combine some, like Water + Frost = Ice, but not all. For instance, Heal and Plasma terminate each other. You can use these elements in a lot of ways, like making a fire earthquacke or unleash some deady earth spikes arround you.. it's just fun experimenting! Also, the dialoges are just so funny. You sometimes really can't take the game serious. But then again, you will often die. Because some enemys are just plain OP, and you will be expermentising a lot. It has a LOT of secrets you can unlock, the best earching for spells. You can cast spells if you 1. know the spell, 2. Use the right element combination and 3. press the "activate" button. Beware, there are spells which can easily kill yourself.

As for Valkyria Chronicles, it's a round-based strategy game. You are in a war and play as a commander. Each turn, you take control of every unit you have, and move them. Then it's the turn of the enemy. But beware, your people can easily die, so it's important to also station your units good. You can command up to 16 foot units and 2 tanks. The battles are very intense, especially the last one's. And I didn't even play on the hard. Outside the battle. you can upgrade every single unit and tank. You research for noe weapons and amour, you equip them, train them to get better and choose your unit. Also, every single unit has a history to read and some characteristics. These characteristics can either help you win or lose the battle. Some give you a boost when a friend is nearby. Others lose aim if they are alone. It's fun choosing your team and then fighting the enemy. It also has a lot of cutscenes, some are CG, some are drawn. You can read so much about the world, how the war came to be, what happend before the war, how one of your units joined the war etc.

Steam link:
http://store.steampowered.com/app/42910/ and http://store.steampowered.com/app/294860


Something Else
Staff member
Feb 24, 2016
Zelda. Don't need to fill out the rest, title says it all.


Who you gonna call?!
Staff member
Jun 26, 2016
I just can't write that much but if u haven't, definitely try: Mass effect trilogy, Bioshock trilogy, All Valve titles, The Beginners guide (a bit more serious, short game), Witcher 3 (you can play all of them for the lore but 3 is awesome anyway), XCOM 2 (strategy), Dark Souls 3 (awesome lore... and gameplay), The Stanley Parable (i think everyone knows this), L.A. Noire (detective "rpg")

I can't think of more right now black_grin

EDIT: Metro 2033 and last light!
EDIT2: Telltale games -> Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us


Sufficiently Lethal
Jul 3, 2016
Game: 140

Genre: Minimalist indie platformer, rhythm based

Price:4,99€ on steam, 1,11€ on CJS CD Keys. Also check the steam page with enhanced steam. Sometimes is in a bundle.

Your Rating: 10 if you like that kind of games. I love it - though its not worth 5€. More like 1€

Your description: Why would I tell you whats good about it, check it out yourself.

Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/242820/#scrollTop=0

Game: Far Cry 3 & 4

Genre: Far Cry

Price: Whatever, typical AAA price. Buy in a sale.

Your Rating: 7-10/10 depending on what you currently have to do

Your description: Far Cry

Steam link: Yes, they have steam links.

Game: Far Cry Primal

Genre: Assassins Creed

Price: Whatever, typical AAA price. Buy in a sale or crack. I personally wouldn't buy it again for 30€, but 20 seems fine.

Your Rating: 10 if you like that kind of games (Assassins Creed + Far Cry mix).

Your description: I heard the protagonist is the ancestor of all assassins of assassins creed. Far Cry wat. Assassins creed much.

Steam link: Yes, it also has one.

Game: Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

Genre: Non Open World RPG in first person.

Price: 4,99€. Totally worth that even though being very old. Try getting a better price if you can.

Your Rating: 10. For that price, for being a milestone for that kind of games. I played it through at least 10 times. Even in hardcore mode. Even without using any skillpoints at all. Everything is just awesome. +1 for graphic bugs, topkek.

Your description: Already described enough.

Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/app/2100/#scrollTop=0

Too lazy to continue in detail:

Dishonored, Don't Starve Together, Skyrim, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2 !!!!11!

Probably, but not sure about them: Antichamber, Audiosurf 1+2, Beat Hazard, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, CS GO, The Forest, Goat Sim, Melody's Escape, Shadow of Mordor, Payday 2, Saints Rows, SpeedRunners, A Story About My Uncle and Pokemon Blue !!!11one!
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