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Front Page Random Messages

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No, I'm not a F2P.
Staff member
Jan 16, 2019
So, I recently asked Benedevil about the "Bubbles" thing on the front page of the forums, and he told me (I don't remember exactly what he said) that he just thought it was a cool word to put there.
So, my suggestion is to change that to quotes that people can submit (of course has to be approved beforehand) that will randomly be shown on the front page. The user's name would replace Bubbles and then the quote would be underneath.
I believe that this might add a little more humor to the front page, as in, something like a message of the day or the daily joke. Just something to cheer people up possibly?
Of course, this is open to debate, so if there are any questions or concerns, just write something in the comments and we can discuss!
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