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Completed FR/LR and Do X for LR poll

Which of these changes would you prefer?

  • No change

  • Restrict to 3-5 reds

  • Restrict to 60-120 seconds left

  • Keep FR/LR but remove Do X for LR

  • Remove both entirely

Results are only viewable after voting.
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Jul 26, 2017


Aug 3, 2021
Honestly, do (x) for LR should be gone. Too sudden and ruins the fun for anyone involved
And restricting fr-lr to only 3-5 reds also makes it better as it forces the warden to play a game naturally, and still have reds remaining.
A good sizeable group.


May 28, 2022
I think removing either of these games would do more harm than good, as even though they are unfun to play they are necessary to prevent failed rounds. Let's say you were warden with only a few reds remaining with mere seconds on the clock what do you do without these games? Maybe rps but not everyone has it and if they do what is stopping them from lying to you, there really isn't a game that can be done anywhere in such short notice that is as good. Also First to do X gets LR is necessary as FRLR sometimes takes way too long to explain, especially with people asking for repeats.

I was surprised to see that neither of these games appear in the definitions or have rules to them, I always remembered them being restricted to 4 or less reds atleast that is what staff always said. It just makes sense it should be restricted to 4 or less as having more would be way too many to keep track of. I think that FRLR and First to do X gets LR should be only used for preventing fail rounds so only being able to play them in the last 60 seconds should be fine. I dont like it when wardens that make us play speedrun then to just do First one to jump gets LR it's just lazy there is soccer, climb, trivia and obby on this map have us decide through those instead.

In conclusion I think these minigames should be restricted to 4 reds or less as I don't wanna see 20 player FRLR and restrict them to only be playable to 60 seconds left so wardens cannot take the easy way out unless necessary.
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