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[FF2] Adding bosses to your own FF2 server with Boss selection menu

Shadow Mario | blw.tf

Server Clearing
Staff member
Aug 14, 2017
First of you all, you need to download a boss, you can download it here.

Now install Boss Preferences plugin (!ff2boss)

Let's get started.
A boss usually just requires you for obviously download him and extract on 'tf' folder.

But this don't means the boss is already working! Now open this folder (inside tf folder): addons\sourcemod\configs\freak_fortress_2
It will probably look like this (but without all those bosses):
Now open "characters.cfg" on Notepad++ or any other text editor.

Put the ID of the boss first, then press tab and put the boss .cfg name.

On a Duo boss, you need to put first the Duo Owner (Example: Seeman) name/id, then Duo Partner's (Example: Seeldier).

Now just test it and enjoy!

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