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Dodgeball Guide


Truly Feared


Jan 29, 2020
Hello all this is a dodgeball guide
-Direct: basically you look at the rocket and Airblast
-Orbit: WASD to move and manipulate the rocket to ORBIT you (player).
(Note: Depends on which direction it comes from. e.g:
Rocket: *comes from right side from you*
You: Moves forward, Right, Back, Left
(You can airblast whenever ya want. But do not delay the ball) You can do it slow if it is the 43/34 mph rocket. If fast do it really fast)
Flick: kinda like the nate fox sniping tutorial refrence:” Guitar hero Aim”
UpSpike: Like flick but you aim up.Right when it is infront/nearAirBlastArea
DownSpike/Worm: Look/flick down unlike the UpSpike
Backshot/blast: half an orbit (180 instead of a 360 of an orbit) and flick at ya back and air blast. (Will cause RDR)
OrbitWorm: combination of Orbit+Worm/Downspike
Orbit goes first and then Worm/Downspike
When two are in a fight not rdr-ing and ya in the middle just steal it and rdr at someone that is off guard. Easy kill but not worth if ya stole already once. Still wanna do it? I can’t stop ya
(Note some of these tactics/Moves/Combo may cause RDR)
now about Blw db server’s feature:
(Will not include all the commands that are available on every blw servers such as !fov. Only Dodgeball features that blackwonder Gives us)
RDR: Re Direct Rocket
Basically when ya switch targets by aiming at there direction. (It will aim at the furthest player. (Can backshot and it will go to closest to you))
FGM: Few Good Men
If your team is losing just do !fgm and when enabled the enemy team that is good will have lesser and lesser players because the enemy will be moved to the losing team. And it will go until 1 member left (can disable using !dfgm)


Conker's Own
Feb 5, 2020
This is the only guide people will need. "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."


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