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Do u luv fortnite? :flushed:

Do you love fortnite

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Clipons (R.I.P Rick May)

Somewhat Threatening
May 15, 2020
Oak is like, so cringe. Wanna know why? Instead of playing No Man's Sky with Tony and I, he decided to play MvM instead! Like how could he refuse to play NMS? NMS is the best game ever and he goes "Screw you crikey and Tony, imma go play MvM because I think I'm so cool!" Like who does he think he is? He wasn't allowed a choice in this matter but he still went and played MvM instead. This is why I am calling him out for being so cringe and putting forward my request for him to be demoted from the position of moderator. Surely a person who would rather play MvM instead of playing NMS with the 2 most coolest staff members doesn't deserve to be a moderator! So rise up, and demand Oak to resign because he refused to play No Man's Sky.
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