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Converting a .dem file into a .dmx (replay) file


Wicked Nasty
Aug 4, 2017
Now, you may ask yourself "What benefits do you get by converting a .dem file into a .dmx file?" Well you get complete access to the scoreboard, and the players on each team. Which is useful for finding rule breakers if your .dem file didn't manage to, because in a .dem file you can't view the scoreboard at all, the only "roaming" option you have is the "Drive" option when you open up the demoui, which itself is still pretty buggy. As it doesn't work when you die during the demo (unless you were in spec during the demo)

There are 2 main ways of converting .dem files into a replay file. Both are easy and take 30 minutes max to achieve. Although i think one might be outdated i'll still mention it. Credits go to @Melectrome because his video (
) taught me how to do this.

The first method (Might be outdated and not actually work):

Link to download: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1107048

You open up the program, and you type in your directory for your "common" folder. And then click on "Open demo" select the demo file you want to use, then click on "Save Replay"

Now put your saved replay into the common > Team fortress 2 > tf > replay > client > replays and paste it in there. (If you have tf2 open you have to restart it) then just click on "Replays" and the selected replay, and click "Watch / Edit" and wait for it to load. And you're all done

The second method (Which might be a bit more complicated than the last, but once you do it the first time, it's all down to memory):

There isn't any downloading for this but what you need to do is create a normal replay (go onto a server that allows replays and make one, the replay you create will be located in the same client > replays
folder) Now what you need to do is make a copy of the replay you just created (say it's called "replay_1") make a copy of it and increase the number by one (now it's replay_2), make sure it doesn't have "copy" in its name" Then you're going to edit the copied replay with either notepad or notepad++ (i don't know if it works with notepad, but its best to use notepad++) then remove all text from that folder and copy this line into it:

https://pastebin.com/WJtR5zQp (What's in it?)

"replay_1(Don't forget to change this to the actual filename, in this case replay_2)"
"handle" "1 (You want to increase this by 1 if the latest replay has the same handle, so it'll be 2. This is so replays don't have the same handles, and can be played. If they have the same handles they can't be opened, although i think you can make this number as large as you want as long as it doesn't match with another one)"
"map" "(This only mentions the map in-game and doesn't effect the replay)"
"complete" "1" (I don't know what this does, but don't touch it.)
"title" "(This can be anything, as it doesn't effect the replay and it just mentions the title)"
"recon_filename" "(The name of the demo you're converting, has to end with .dem for example: if i want to convert the demofile "massfreekill.dem" i'll name this massfreekill.dem)"

And you're done. Now just restart TF2 (if you have it open) and select the replay you have named and click on "Watch / Edit" and there it is.

Note: you NEED the .dem file to be in the replays folder (where your replay will be located) in order for the replay to work. This is because when you open up a replay it only checks for the file (in this case a .dem file) in the replays folder

If you want to freely roam around, just type sv_cheats 1 into the console open up demoui and click on the drive button then you can close the ui as it's no longer needed. This is 100x less glitchier than normally using the drive option in a demo file.
You can see who is on what team and they're names, and selected class by looking at the bottom left corner.
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