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[Community Thing] Team Fortress 2 VHS: A Community Frag video on VHS


Feb 21, 2016
(also posted this on r/tf2)
The idea of this project is a community Frag video, however the final product will be a 30min-1hr VHS tape. using the best videos/demos submitted by y'all.

Some rules:
  1. Only send .mp4 files or .dem files through "Google Drive", "Dropbox", or "MEGA", any other format is a no-no (maximum 5mins)
  2. If you send an .mp4 file, I would appreciate it if you could record in 4:3, unless your hud fits well being cropped, like this, then it's fine,
    good hud.png

    but if your hud looks like this, I won't accept it

    not good.png

    3. If you send a .dem file, i would appreciate if you sent me an approx. time when it starts & end
    4. Please send me a watermark/logo to add to the video, along with the video, if not i'll just add your name to the corner

    For examples of how the final product will be, check out this comparison

    along with these 2 videos

    Fill out this form to submit your clips: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfsYiSEvkWDELWHga77ClX73ssOlc2YVc2sA3IRRgZ82BdMHw/viewform

    & a WIP intro to the video
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